Featured Upcoming Event

Featured Upcoming Event


October 16th 12pm-3pm

Hosted by Sex & Relationship Coach Addison Bell


Men… so many of you struggle with receiving the depth of pleasure available to you in the bedroom. You’ve heard your entire life that your sex has to decline as you age and that you aren’t multi-orgasmic. You like sex but you aren’t feeling as vibrant in the bedroom as you did in your early 20’s.

Let me give you a step-by-step guide on how to energize your sex so you are able to have multiple orgasms and make them more powerful. Learn to last longer so you can ravish your woman. Explore how to leave the bedroom feeling vibrant instead of depleted. Many men don’t realize how a few tweaks can turn your sex around!

Ladies… you are struggling with how to please your man and get him to experience a deeper level of bliss in the bedroom. You love him but don’t know the techniques to use to leave him enthralled in your touch. You want him to be able to maintain longer and you want to feel confident in your skills.

Let me give you a step-by-step guide on how to touch your man and help him to last longer in the bedroom. Learn the ways to get HIM to surrender to you and your sexual prowess.

REGISTER BELOW TODAY. This event sells out every year.
▪ Learn the top secrets to Full Body Orgasm for Him
▪ See how the prostate is the key to deeper pleasure
▪ Explore ejaculation control and stimulation
▪ Discover tantric massage skills (along with lingam massage techniques)
▪ Find out about the heart/cock link and how to energize him through this bridge

Plus get your questions answered by expert sex and relationship coach, Addison Bell.

And see a LIVE Demo.
What is Orgasm Camp all about you ask?

Will this workshop enhance my sexual skills and help me to provide the pleasure I have always wanted to give and receive?

This is the perfect workshop for couples or singles who want to learn new skills, rekindle sexual desire and fire, become a master of touch and learn how to give as well as receive fully.

Over the class period we will cover:

**Full Body Tantric Massage
**Lingam Session Technique
**Prostate Exploration
**Full Body Orgasm
**Cock Anatomy and Tricks
**Sexual Transmutation Exercises

Workshop’s Have Live Model Demo’s (NO filming or pictures allowed- no google glass or other recording devices of ANY kind) Workshop is shown with live model, all participant will remain clothed during this class. This is an educational workshop.

Male O Camp


Location: 8005 Greenwood Drive, Plano TX 75025