I love the hustle. I love the doing. I love the creating. 
And I am blessed with clients that desire to be not only doing the actions but that are also willing to do the mindset work.

Pushing, growing, desiring, and diving deep. 

Like I said I love the hustle. It’s fun for me to be creating something new, talking to my followers, clients & friends about things I am passionate about. It’s exciting to be looking at what I am creating and manifesting in my life. And even though it challenges me at times my inner growth excites me too… yes that edge of comfort zone. 

People like this turn me on! 

Though what can be just as beautiful is actually the pause. 

Yes, the pause of stopping the hustle. Stopping the outward growth. Stopping the being, doing, creating. 
Just being. 

When we are goal oriented and driven it is easy to forget to do this right here….

Hand over heart.
Breathe in. 
Breathe out.

I always take a few minutes out of every day to meditate where it is first thing in the morning or right before bed. Just touching into my body, my heart, and my spirit. 

Though tonight my soul was calling for a bit MORE…
So I lay in the bath and I breathed. I felt my beautiful beating hear that I am blessed beyond blessed is beating and healthy.

I felt deeper into my heart and felt the beautiful light that God had put there… the light to remind me that I am one with spirit. It is not separate from me. I am! 

In feeling into my body, then into my heart, I felt into God. I felt him romancing me through the beat of my own heart. Through the energy I saw radiating over my body in floods. It was divine! 

Reminding me that no matter how much or little I am feeling loved… God always loves me. 

Reminding me that no matter what is happening in my life for good or for bad… I am blessed to have my body, mind, and spirit. 

Reminding me that if we don’t take the time to drop out of the hustle, doing, being from time to time then we will lose our connection…. the connection to our hearts, our intuition, and our spirits. 
And thus our direction. 

It can be difficult…
When there are things to be done
When there are people vying for our attention
When we are in struggles 
When the ego is screaming out it’s two cents

To even desire to stop and breathe. Stop and feel. 

This breath though can mean all the difference in our lives!
It might be the difference between peace and an argument
It might be the difference between your joy and your unhappiness
It might be the difference between your sanity and your insanity
And it might be the difference between you manifesting more and you staying stuck right where you are.

I had a good day today cleansing and clearing my home 
But I can tell you this moment with my hand over my chest was the highlight. 

Feeling God’s beautiful light radiating over me… romancing me… straight from my own healthy heart…

Was pretty magnificent! 

Light, Love, & Blessings! 


Mindfulness is a piece of all the work I do with my clients. Until we can become more present in ourselves body, mind, and spirit then we can not be present with another OR our dreams. 

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