Female Body Empowerment

Do you feel out of sync with your body?

Do you have body-image issues that are always lingering and you haven’t been able to move past?

Do you feel weighed down in your body? And lack luster in your sex life?

Are you living your BEST LIFE? In a body you LOVE?

During this program we will-

  • Focus on your Beliefs surrounding: Body-image, Sexual Body, and Spiritual Body
  • Focus on you Body and learning to reestablish a connection through Talk Coaching, Art Exploration Sessions, and Presence Work
  • Focus on Connections to your life and how to manifest your best life through empowering your body
  • Focus in on your Desires in both the daily world and in your sex life. You will begin to live the life you imagined!!!!
  • Learn how to eat, exercise, and sex like a Tantric Practitioner

This is a weekly program where we will meet in-person 2x’s/ month and via phone  2x’s/month.

Investment: $450

Start by filling out an Application to work with me at www.addisonbell.net/contact

*True Tantra add on’s available upon request