2 Hour Live Global Event- April 3rd

“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.”
 ~ William Shakespeare

Women need a Fierce Female tribe!

There is something exquisitely unique about fierce female friendships.

Some friendships are casual, where we only occasionally see the person, but overall they don’t make a huge impact on our lives or hearts. These are the types of friends who we only think about when we come across a post on social media.

Fierce female friendships are different.

These are the friendships where we think about how the other person is doing, and when we finally see each other, it feels like no time has passed. These are the deep female friendships where we are so vulnerable it scares us. In these friendships, we allow the other person in so deeply that we know we are giving them the power to rip our hearts to shreds, but at the end of the day, we trust them enough to take this scary leap. When we look at this type of friend, we see her as a goddess, possessing inner beauty and potential, and wish she could see it herself.

The truth is, female friendships are vital relationships in a woman’s life.

If we don’t have other supportive women in our lives, then we lose touch with an important part of our femininity. Women are built to connect and are made to be in a community. If we look at history, women have always gathered in unique ways to support each other and grow together. From the beginning of time, women have gathered to learn together, menstruate together, stand together, and nurture each other.

Deep female friendships provide a multitude of health benefits.

Women who have close female friends have lower levels of stress and anxiety and are better able to cope with stress in more efficiently. Studies have shown that women who are in close friendships live longer and are more likely to recover from life-threatening illnesses. A study done on women with breast cancer showed females with deep female friendships were 66 percent more likely to recover. In this same study, having a spouse made no difference, but having strong female friendships did!

Let’s face it, there are certain things that only other women will ever truly understand.

Feminine wisdom can only be cultivated through connection with other women. Our society does not often appreciate or nurture the feminine, so when we are in female friendships, we heal these societal wounds. In female friendships, we are handed a mirror and encouraged to lean into our feminine power. The more we learn to appreciate the feminine in others, the more we are able to appreciate it in ourselves. Female friendships help to heal the mother, sister, and other female wounds that we have acquired during our lives. They can be transformational relationships.

Friendships are relationships.

We often forget that friendships are relationships and need many of the same things that intimate relationships require. If we want honest, wholehearted friendships, then we will have to work at them. Friendships require taking time out of our schedule to build and nurture these relationships by committing to honest and open communication, supporting, caring and having compassion for each other. We have to be vulnerable and renegotiate the relationship as each person grows.

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