You stand there frozen…
Frozen in a life YOU, yes you, have chosen.
Unable to see where and how to move…
Unwilling to take off your chains and see the freedom that awaits you.
It is your overthinking that does it to you
Your constant looping of the same thoughts and beliefs that brought you here. Here to this place to confinement.
Confinement in your own head and thus life

You go over and over the HOW
You go over and over the WHAT IF
You go over and over the PAST
You lean into this obsessive brain loop of negative beliefs
And it has left you frozen
Overthinking simply freezes you right in place.
Thinking through things isn’t negative in and of itself but HOW are you thinking through it?
With positive thoughts and expectations?
Because if you were bringing that warm and cozy…
Hot and Fiery vibe to your thinking then you wouldn’t be frozen.
Ice and heat can’t live together.
You would be moving forwards.
There is thinking and then there is OVERTHINKING
Obsessing about all the nitty-gritty details that are not yours to control. The details that belong to God to bring into your reality.
Overthinking is simply a way for your ego to step in and take control. To try to kill your dreams. To try to show all the ways something can’t or won’t work. To hurl old hurts and hangups back into your now.
And babe… You’ve chosen this.
You choose to not push out of this pattern
You choose to not consciously pick different thoughts
You choose your focus!
But the AMAZING news is that you can choose again.
You can drop the overthinking that has kept you stuck up until this point.
You can focus on the things in your life that leave you with a passionate energy…
and unfreeze!
Finding even the tiniest bit of movement and energy.
That’s all you need!!
To just stop the mental looping and give yourself room to follow your heart and your soul beautiful!
Today I challenge you to change your focus every time you notice yourself getting into thinking that will only freeze you!
You’ve chosen this life but you can choose again!
You’re worthy of a beautiful amazing life!!!
Stop faking it and start Claiming it!
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Start stepping forward NOW