You can get angry or you can get living!

The current world seems to have tons of things we can be angry about right now…

From our political situation, world health, financial crisis, to what we are seeing come out about systems supporting child trafficking.

Not to add in the things that our personal lives bring to us anger and frustrations with those we are in relationship with, in our homes, and in our careers.

And sometimes we NEED to feel that anger and recognize that it is present and that we are stirred by a situation. We need to feel the contrast.



many stay stuck in the anger!
Even if they push it down and try to deny it they still under the surface allow it to control them. Harboring jealousy, resentments, insecurities, and overall messing up our vibes.

But we also have another option and that is not not get angry but instead get living!

Instead of sitting and stewing…
Wondering why this is happening…
Insisting that others are trying to harm us…
Focusing in on all the nitty gritty reasons its “unfair”…

We instead to acknowledge the feelings and then move TF on and get to living. Deal with the aspects that need to be done in order for us to make our lives better or make a change.

Because WE are the creator of our realities and what is coming to us and we get to choose our response. We have the option to not get revenge but to get living.

We can see the current place we are at and start working towards where we want to go instead of staying stuck in the negativity swirl that will never lead to change or growth.

Today, I had a moment where I found myself angry and frustrated at two people in my world. They were retracting love just to prove a point and because I was not willing to fall in line. They were choosing actions simply out fo spite and from their own anger at the world around them and the life they are choosing to live.

So I drove and thought… this makes me angry! And what do they hope to accomplish here?

Guess what… it’s none of my business!
They get to make their life decisions.
They get to choose their vibe.

And I, I get to choose mine.
So, I allowed myself to feel angry for a second and then focused on releasing it.


Because in truth I have way too much living to do and this decision that was made outside of me has a blessing and a lesson.

One less string…
And an affirmation of “I got this!”…

I decided I have to many blessings and joy in my life to stop living and feeling good because of this moment of anger.

My best “revenge” is creating the life I love and desire and live it fully!

So when you sit there all angry and caught up in the happenings all around you….

Think why you are choosing to stop living and experiencing just because you want to be angry.

Angry about child sex-trafficking???
So am I!!!
Guess what… advocacy, supporting/donating to mental health systems that help those children, etc.

That is making a difference. That is living life from a sense of change and not a sense of anger.

I see people getting angry about how others are choosing to deal with COVID. Instead of getting angry at me or someone else for traveling, not wearing a mask/wearing a mask, etc.

Why don’t you just choose to LIVE and LIVE well… in the way you choose to live.

Message being…
You can feel the anger but don’t get lost in it!

Stop letting your anger keep you from living. Keep you from the vibes that you could be sporting.

Keep you from getting your lesson and blessing our of the situation.

You have a choice in how you direct all your emotions.

What’s your choice?

Recover Your Life!


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