You’ve got to keep fighting
You can’t quit here!
I know this road seems long and treacherous!
I know you like you feel you are fighting a losing fight
A pointless game that is stacked against you

I’ve seen that face before on others
I’ve heard those words of defeat
But trust me you can keep your head up
You can and will keep stepping forwards
THEY that you fight for are worth it
THIS FIGHT is worth it
And you, my dear soul, are WORTH IT!
You are down in the arena
Your face is cut up, you are bruised and bloodied, you feel broken and drained
Those around you look out in shock
How did this happen?
But the audience heckles
While your opponent takes a victory lap
But you are not alone in this arena
No one can fight it for you but you are loved
But it’s not over!!!
You have to find the strength to pull yourself back up
To look to the heavens and know there is a reason and a plan
To look at your supporters and feel the energy of their love
Usually, I would say you get to choose
It’s a choice to keep going
You could choose to stay down
But God Almighty this one is too important to give in like that
Take your moment
Cry those tears
Rage and scream
Have your well-deserved tantrum
Curse the system, Curse life, even curse God
But know there is always a greater plan at play!
Have your moment but then look yourself in the eyes and see your own strength
Hear those around you that cheer you on
Feel the energy of those you love
And most certainly look into the eyes of those you fight for…
And my dear sweet hu-man you will find your strength
This war is not over and your victory is coming
So follow your breath and reconnect to self
Because giving up is not a choice here
You must keep going…
Your heart and soul knows this to be true if you take a second and tune in
It screams to keep going!
Here is where faith is tested
I don’t understand why you find yourself here
Why when you scream out…
Why when others scream out for you…
I don’t understand why the voices are stifled but this victory was meant to be yours.
If you just get back up to fight another day with faith and trust
That might seem laughable right now…
Even pointless
But I’ve got your back
Others have you back
And most importantly God has your back!
Wipe the dirt off your face
Bandage your wounds
Look to the heavens
And take your next powerful step forwards
Because forwards is the only way to go my dear!
Sending Love & Light,
We all find ourselves in arenas in our lives
Times when we are not sure where to go or what the next right step is in life
Though we all have the strength and power to keep getting up each time we fall
To claim our amazing blessed lives that are waiting for us
To live out our desires
Getting someone on your side can be a huge guiding light!
Walk with you on the journey!!!
Let me share your journey with you…
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