Sometimes I get ahead of myself…
I sit in a joy-filled moment or a moment of utter serenity…
Doing that dreaded thing…


Instead of relaxing into a moment that I’ve manifested and been asking to rain down upon me, I end up in my head and stepping into moments of fear.

Where will this go from here?
What if I surrender into my heart… will it get trampled?
Am I setting myself up for failure or heartache?

The Universe is always shifting pieces of our lives around in order to open us up to the next level…

But this also means that the things that we love and people in our lives are also shifting. In each connective moment we are opening our hearts up to uncertainty and in each moment of truly loving we are stepping into a vulnerable state.

We do this in the moments that matter MOST!

The moments of true love, compassion, listening, and soul-connection.
Because despite us being vulnerable in many other areas of life, the truth is that love is the most vulnerable thing we do and experience as humans.

We are opening up the area that can do the most damage and allowing others to play.

So sometimes…
Like in a moment I had a few days ago…
Where I just felt a sweetness and opening come over a conversation…
I find myself running into overthink mode. Trying to falsely protect my heart and wondering if I choose to get too close if I will get hurt in the end. Will they twist my words, my heart, my opening and use it against me?

And I know I’m not alone!

I listen to people I am coaching each and every day describe this same pattern. Often it can be more of an unconscious process but it is a standard way of protecting our hearts. Overthinking in order to distance from the vulnerability and the juicy feelings.

Now, thankfully I’ve done enough work that I recognize the silliness in this and many times catch myself in the moment of disconnect. Where I am losing a state of presence in order to remain “safe”.

Instead I observe my own running process and I paused and breathed back into a state of presence…
because it is a choice.
It is a choice to stay in the moment and stay open.
It is a choice to allow your heart to be shared without having to control what comes after.
It is a choice to live from a presence and loving space.

Because when we choose to step into overthink mode during these beautiful moments of our lives, then we lose all the joy and yumminess. Our lives become lack luster and mundane.

We can’t be stuck in our heads and fully feeling love, joy, or pleasure.

The Universe is always shifting things and so the important thing is to be present and appreciate the moments that you DO have with the people and experiences in your life.

We weren’t sent here to create anything…
Not event to create love…
That’s already here and within us all!!!
We were sent here to experience and open to this human experience.

We were meant to just BE.

Love, Light, & Blessings,

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