You will always get exactly what you are looking for…

We are fickle humans and although we wish for more in our lives and wish to see things past our current sights… the fact is that unless we make a conscious choice in our lives we will always get what we are looking for!

?If we are looking for the next show to drop, then drop it will
?If we think negatively about a person and their actions then this is all we will be able to see in them
?If we expect to be victimized then we will constantly be the victim over and over again

Many times we get stuck in our own heads about reality or simply looking at the world with the skewed glasses we have worn our entire lives or patterns that have developed.

I can tell you in my coaching practice I see this as a standard occurrence by the time couples get to me. For example I have a man come in complaining about his wife
? “She’s always so emotional”
? “She is always nagging, controlling, or chasing me”
? “She is never into sex”

This is his reality and so he collects evidence consciously and unconsciously about all the times she is emotional, isn’t desiring sex, or appears to be nagging him. So he pushes back and she chases, nags, and becomes more sexually chat down. This is a vicious cycle until one exits the cycle and usually it is in terms of divorce.

However what the man potentially does not see through his skewed glasses is all the times she did prove him wrong.

?When they have a calm collected conversation without any emotions and instead laughed and joked
? The time that week that she wore something sexy for him and started kissing him and slowly warming herself up instead to be rushed and so she shut down
?The moment when she isn’t chasing and actually went out with her own friends

Though these things pass him by because they don’t validate his negative beliefs and in truth it is much easier in our world to validate negative beliefs about a person… it takes too much brain power to look for the positives.

I promise you that if you are looking for the negatives then you will find them about ANYBODY, any EXPERIENCE, and any SITUATION.
?Focus on the negative and you will only get more negative?

This is seen in law of attraction when we are consistently thinking negative thoughts and …poof there is the negativity manifesting in your life.

Though the AMAZING THING is that you can also do the same for the positive elements in your life.

You can look for all the positive aspects of a person, place, experience, or thing. You can choose to see all the moments when your positive beliefs are validated.

This works in anything we are trying to call into our lives.

?If you want more money in your life then start noticing all the money you see around you and receive (even $0.05).
?If you want to see the good in a person then see all the moments they show kindness
? If you want to believe everything is always working out for you then notice the moments in your day when you do indeed get what you desire.

Its easy to focus on the negative about things in our lives. Its easy to brush something, someone, or a situation away because we can only see what we don’t want….
We could take off our dirty skewed glasses and choose a different pair with a more positive outlook.

Our world is our thoughts, beliefs, and desires manifesting out in front of us. What you continue to focus on in your day and give attention too is what you will get over and over again in your life.

Look at the perceived patterns in your life
❤️ Never being good enough
❤️ Someone always leaving or changing on you
❤️ Never getting a break
❤️ Always having something go wrong in specific instances like when you travel

Well you are believing this to be fact and so continue to look for the facts to support and the Universe loves to support us!!!
Poof…. there is your negative Universal support!

Instead I challenge you to make a choice to see the positive. Put on your rose colored glasses for a bit instead. We as humans spend too much time in the negative anyways.

Find the things in your life that support your beliefs for your dreams, goals, and desire.

Its out there waiting to be claimed.
You are on the brink of all the abundance your heart desires but you have to claim it. You have to see the good elements. You have to take off those pesky glass…


Wishing you Love, Light, & Blessings!

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