It hurts.
You want it so badly you feel like you are bleeding out!

You want to throw in the towel.
You don’t think it will ever happen.
It just requires too much work.

And it hurts!

It’s simply not in your cards and
You need to accept and move onwards.
Face the facts.
Step into reality.

Your heart cries for it but you simply tell it to be quiet.

Hush it up with food, alcohol, Netflix, and social media.

You may have already even been doing the “thing” but you just can’t seem to find your success with it.


You get angrier
You get more frustrated
And you give up
You quit trying
Bury your heart
& Hide from your soul!

This is the case for so many of those I talk to each and every day.

They have given up on the things that their very heart and souls are crying to see become reality.
They have given up trusting themselves.
Trusting Gods/Universe.
And they have lost that sparkle of passion that surrounded them.

They close their hearts down in order to avoid the pain of “Not having”
They throw in the towel.

Whether it is giving up on…
Finding love and a lasting relationship
Having deeper connective sexing
Dream of having kids
Desire for that dream house
That business idea
That financial goal
or anything else!!!

If you truly desire something… from a true soul level.
Truly want it.
Truly crave it.
Truly know it was meant for you.

Then giving up doesn’t protect your heart from the pain.
Nope, giving up just creates more pain!
It accentuates it until it is unbearable.
And this pain grows like a weed and will infect the rest of your life.
It will be your first step in giving up on the rest of your life.
Closing down your heart forever and the passion for life

Yes, your passion for life because without our hearts fully in the game…
You don’t have true passion, true joy, and true happiness
At best, you have a watered down version that will never feel enough.

Giving up on your dreams is a dangerous disease and you can go about it in so many different ways.

You up and actually quit cold turkey… quit the business, quit the dating, quit the daydreaming. Quit taking any steps forward.

Or you quit by default.

You don’t make a conscious decision to quit “forever” but you use terms like someday, tomorrow, and find yourself pushing out your desires. You don’t take any action. You quit in your heart.

And the armor against your heart and soul grows thicker.

Instead, you let your ego grow bigger than your soul goals!

You convince yourself you aren’t worthy, deserving, or “meant to have it”.
Your mindset becomes infected and you give into your insecurities, and your fears.

Screaming “it’s not meant for me”
and sometimes even throwing God under the bus!
“It’s not in God’s plan for me”

Honey… if it was placed in your heart then it is there for a reason!

If you truly don’t desire something then… QUIT!!!
Don’t hang onto something you truly don’t want.
That doesn’t do anyone any good.
I’m all about letting the stuff that no longer is in alignment go but…

If you quit on something you crave at your very core…
Then you are stealing your very own lifeforce away!

Take a moment and refresh the mindset
Refocus somewhere else for a bit.
Find a coach or someone else to help.

But don’t quit!
Don’t stop reaching for what you want.

Your mindset is KEY….
I’m going to say that again because it’s so important…

If you want the relationship
If you want the babies
If you want the business
If you want the sex
If you want the finances
If you want WHATEVER…

Then trust and have certainty that you CAN HAVE IT!
That it is yours for the taking.
See it
Feel it
Taste it

Then go find ways to live a life you love outside of that desire.
And keep your heart open and vibration up!
It will come
It can’t NOT COME!

But you have to believe it.
And quitting will only steal everything good from your life
You might mask it in a million little ways
But you are quitting on yourself and your soul
And there is no escape from that and the disease to your life that quitting becomes.

And so, until you get re-aligned with your soul then you will only be adding more pain and shut down to yourself each and every day.

I know it feels easier and safer to quit
But quitting is the most dangerous thing you could do!

Go do your mindset work.
Go get realigned
But DO NOT QUIT on your Soul Goals!!!

Go grab your fierce and fabulous life NOW!
This moment!

Love you all,



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