There is power in going out of your way.

I am a true believer that selfishness is a good thing to cultivate. Taking care of self is imperative to stepping into our soul purpose and providing us enough energy. Without the ability to be selfish we oftentimes will get stuck in people pleasing and drain ourselves to the point of total misalignment from our cores.

Though this morning I sat and pondered the idea that in our current world while striving to become selfish in terms of taking care of self, we have instead become self-centered. We are using spiritual and mental health jargon to justify our lack of care and connection with those in our worlds and not reach outside of our bubbles.

We are taught that no other adult is anyone else’s responsibility and we each must each take care of our own mental and emotional well-being. We can not have an expectation that others will manage these things for us or put the responsibility for our emotions on another.

All mentally sound principles for healthy adults!!!

But have we given up on other things in this independence and self-focused world?

Have we forgotten that while we can not control another persons feelings, thoughts, and life…

We can often still have a positive impact and especially if that person is open to receiving.

We have lost the art of sometimes going out of our way for someone we love and care about or even someone we don’t know at all.

Instead we say that it is that other persons responsibility to pull themselves our of a bad mood. It is the other persons responsibility to create the sexual energy they are desiring. It is the other persons responsibility to feed themselves while we are stuffed to the brim.

So we stare… we judge…. we distance more… we retract love… we close our eyes to anything that doesn’t directly relate to us.

We lose the compassion and communion of being human.

Sometimes helping, going out of your way, and surprising someone can truly change a life.

I recall a time in high school that still brings tears of gratitude to my eyes. I had just moved to Texas from my lifelong home in New York and I was feeling like a fish out of water. I was trying to fit in and was finding that through a dance team in high school to which I knew none of the other girls. At that time what no one knew was that, although highly functioning, I was severely depressed My birthday was at the very beginning of the school year and that morning I awoke at 5am with a group of girls barging into my room with balloons, orders to come with them, and promises of surprises. That day was a day filled with 5 girls going out of their way to make me feel special, loved, cared about, and to give me a new adventure.

At this point that moment was half a lifetime ago but it was profoundly impacting. And I’ve had other moments that were not as profound as a whole adventure but where I simply received a note, a moment of someones times, or bought something that they knew I would like.

It is about the love that comes from knowing someone thought of you. Mattering enough to someone for them to reach out a hand.

It is about being human and knowing that none of us is truly self-made.

We need other people in life and when we treat others as if they are dispensable or fail to step outside of self when we are full… then we are stealing from our own souls need to give as well as receive.

This is not to say that you should become a rescuer or try to fix someone. This is not to say that you should overlook your own needs, boundaries, or self-care.

This is to say that it is important that while we take opportunities in our life to love on the other humans around us. To acknowledge that a small offering can be life-changing for someone. And that even the most “together-looking” people in the world can still use a little bit of love.

Always make sure your ship is not sinking first…
But then…
Try stepping out to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Plan an adventure
Write a note
Give a gift
Verbalize some love
Take extra time

Find a way to share of yourself and reach outside of self.
And watch the gifts your soul will give you in return!

Love, Light, & Blessings,

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