Namaste’ Thank you for joining me on this beautiful journey of discovering and deepening into your divine Goddess self.

We will uncover through this program a greater love of self as a whole and complete Goddess. We will have a chance to look at the areas that we desire to grow into, and how to integrate it all into your daily life.

For each segment there are available exercises, videos, readings, and meditations. We all learn and process differently and so allow yourself to dance in all of these realms. When we process through reading, writing, listening, and then meditating, then we are more likely to get the information truly ingrained in our psyche’s and make changes. So I ask that you love yourself enough to give you space and time to fully complete all areas.

This is going to be a beautiful journey of transformation and I am ecstatic to walk with you on this journey. Lets get started:

Goddess Empowerment Welcome Video

Goddess Pre-Worksheet


Part 1- Uncovering Beliefs