Uncovering Beliefs:

From the time we are born we begin developing our belief systems. These beliefs are born from our family, from society, from our educators, media, books, religion…and so on! We are constantly changing, adding, detracting from our current belief structures based upon our experiences. The problem being that many of us developed faulty belief systems regarding ourselves from the very beginning and so are stuck in negative and shame based programming.

We live in a society where we are bombarded with messages regarding our bodies, our sex, and even our spiritual beliefs. It can be hard to hear our own thoughts, feelings, and spirits in this barrage. Most people choose to never truly face these messages that keep them stuck. Thus meaning they live a life never feeling good enough, feeling shameful for elements that are at the core of who they are, and they never truly connect with their divine spirits.

We will cover in the below sections 3 areas that are essential to living a healthier, happier life. When we work through our negative belief systems then we are faced with the opportunity to love and cherish our body, our sex, and our divinity.

Exercise of the Week: Goddess Mirror Exercise

Uncovering Your Body

How you Love Your Body is How You Love Yourself 

As women our bodies are one of the things we get the most negative input about as we grow up. Although as adults we all know logically that the messages we are getting from the photoshopped images in magazines, and such, are fake it still works its way into our unconscious minds. If it’s not our weight, it’s our breasts, our hair, our aging, our skin, our vulvas, our eyes… basically if we can see it then we hate on it!

The problem being that our body-image is a complete reflection of how we feel about ourselves. You can not hate your body but internally truly love yourself at your core. They have done study after study and our body image reflects our self-worth. Take a second and think about where you view yourself on the self-worth spectrum. The truth is we often thing we have to “do” something or “be” something in order for us to have worth but at the end of the day we need to be able to find worth within ourselves and our bodies just because we are.

As Goddesses we have to be able to truly look in the mirror and not just ‘deal’ with our bodies or tolerate our bodies but LOVE our bodies. Yes, there are going to be things that require a level of acceptance… I wish I had brilliant green eyes but God gave me big brown-hazel eyes instead but I can choose to love them just the way they are and find beauty in my eyes. Yes, we are all going to age and have to accept the natural body process. However, it’s all in how we look at these things!

It’s learning to love what you have, right now, whatever it looks like, because it’s YOU. And you are brilliant. Look at a woman that truly loves herself and you won’t be able to take your eyes off of her… it’s infectious. Our self-love is what makes us truly beautiful to those around us.

Goddess Worksheet 1_ Body-Image

Bonus Article: https://addisonbell.net/2017/04/17/how-i-lost-25lbs-and-gained-sexual-empowerment-through-tantra/

Uncovering Sexuality

Uncovering Beliefs- Importance of Sexuality 

Just like our bodies we are frequently faced with a multitude of messages about sex. This goes everywhere from magazines, religious teachings, porn, and even driving down the road on billboards! That mixed with the possible shame filled messages many experienced from how they grew up. Most woman in the U.S. have had some form of sexual assault during their lifetimes and so these situations also carry heavy messages that many of us lug around with us throughout our lives.

We as women receive mixed signals from our worlds about our sexuality:

Be sexy but don’t be slutty
Be a lady on the streets but a freak in the sheets
Don’t be a prude but don’t be a whore

Oftentimes, even the sex positive messages we receive have an underlying mixed signal. We are told to follow our desires, to revel in our sexuality, and to explore but then when our desire is simply for a night of straightforward connective sex then we aren’t playful or truly exploring our depth. If we are to get to our greater sexual depth we first need to pull apart what are our true beliefs about sex and sexuality, outside of the beliefs of others and society. We do we, at our core, believe about sex and sexuality?

When you choose to live as a Goddess you also choose to accept and flow in your sexuality. Our sexuality is a core element of our very being and impacts all areas of our lives. When we begin to supress this area of our lives we are not only hurting our bodies from receiving the necessary touch, brain chemicals, and neurological processes but we are also denying ourselves a greater connection to ourselves and those around us. Being in harmony with your sexuality is in essence being in harmony with your life. This is why my main slogan is “Reawaken your sex, Reawaken your life”.

Goddess Worksheet 2_ Sexual Beliefs

Bonus Video: Don’t Be A ‘Good Girl’

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Uncovering Spirituality 

Body, Sex & Spirit- Getting In Tune with Your Spirituality

We can’t talk about our beliefs about self-worth, body, sex, and sexuality without it coming back to our beliefs about our spirituality. Unless we understand ourselves from a spiritual perspective then we will be unable to find the true Goddess nature in our bodies or our sex.

In this spiritual section it is important that you separate your spirit, your spirituality, and  religion. It is important that for these exercises we get a clear understanding of who we feel we are at our very cores/essence and not allow religious or societal beliefs to cloud our search.

Our bodies, our sex, and are spirits are inevitably intertwined. If one area is out of harmony then we are are not in harmony as a whole person. A true Goddess is in alignment with her beliefs around her spirit and shines her beautiful spirit wherever she goes. She is truly radiant from the inside out!

Goddess Worksheet 3_ Spiritual Beliefs

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