Connecting to The Body:

Exercise of The Week: Mindful Personal Touch

Tuning into the Body

Once we have begun to build new belief systems about our body, sex, and spirituality, then the next thing is to begin to connect and integrate these pieces into our bodies.

We live in a world that requires us to be in our masculine energy thinking, analyzing, and constantly processing. This makes it easy to lose sight of connecting with our bodies. This presents in many different ways in life. When we are eating too much or not enough. When we are not having any sex or sex that is not fulfilling. When we avoid our bodies with drugs, alcohol, or exercise obsession. The list goes on and on for the ways in which we disconnect.

The human body was created to have an extreme level of intelligence and so our memories and experiences are stored within it’s flesh (the good, the bad, and the in-between). We can never be fully satisfied when we are disconnected from our bodies because it inevitably means we are disconnected from ourselves, our lives, and the present moment.

When we are connected, and I mean REALLY connected, to our bodies then we are able to be more present in our daily environment. Our bodies provide us with vital messages each day about what is happening in our life, what is in alignment and not in alignment. So it is often that when we are struggling with emotional difficulties, conscious or unconsciously, then our bodies give us signs by becoming tense, sick or painful. Though when we are not taking the time to connect then we miss these vital messages that could improve our lives.

Goddess Worksheet 4_ Body Connection

Body Connection Meditation:

Focusing In On The Genitals: 

Tuning Into The Genitals:

The genitals specifically in our lives are ignored and hold the secrets to our power as woman. This area of a woman body has held a lifetime of challenges, stresses, trauma, and we’ve created physical and energetically blockages to our own pleasure. We must connect, forgive, and learn to revel in the pleasures of our genitals.

We must begin to treat this area of our bodies with kindness. This begins by touching and exploring our own genitals and the sensations they provide. In order to do this we must allow space, soft touch, and get rid of things that numb us our or disconnect us such as vibrators, fantasy, and porn. Vibrators have become standards in our society for women but they end up causing more trauma and numbness in our sex, leading us to a skewed view of our own bodies, pleasure, and sexuality.

As Goddesses are genitals are sacred but they are picky about what they want, don’t want, and are always speaking to us. It’s important that we speak back and learn to have healthy communication with such a natural and intuitive aspect of ourselves. Our genitals can help guide us in our lives if we truly connect and accept the divine beauty that is present.

Goddess Worksheet 5_ Genital Connection

Sexual Connection Meditation:

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