Divine Desires


When we suppress our desires we surprise a part of ourselves and give ourselves shame messages that something that we want our our core is wrong… meaning we are inevitably flawed in some way for having the desire. Desires are our bodies and souls way of telling us where to go next on our journey.

In years of working with clients I can look at several areas of a woman’s life and know if she is living in alignment with her desires.

    Sex Life- When I ask a woman how her sex life is and she states , “it’s alright” or “it’s good”, then I know there are untapped desires there because otherwise the response would be…”It’s fabulous, amazing, I feel incredibly filled by my sex life”. When our sex lives aren’t truly filling us on all levels then we are left wanting, desiring, and feeling empty whether we are conscious of it or not.
    Food- If a woman tells me she is underrating, overeating, or constantly just worried about her food intake then she also is not in alignment with her desires. Our food mimics our sex lives, our daily lives, and our desires. Food is seen by many as the “good girls drug” and so is an easy way for unmet needs and desires to come out. When we are not managing desires in the other areas of our lives it inevitably shows in how much, how little, the choices we make, and the manner in which we eat our foods. (Check out this bonus video below!)
    Work/Career/Purpose- When a woman talks about her work/career/purpose then she should have a sense of passion in her voice. She should get a glow in her eyes and look like she is floating on air. A woman living her desires in this area could talk for hours and hours about the topic and never get bored.

That’s not to say we are going to follow through on each desire but at least acknowledging the desire without judgment helps to ease the spirit. Many times we push aside our desires because of a few things:

Fear of what others may think-

Our ‘good girls’ start talking to us when we begin looking at our desires. We worry about what others will think and instead of living in alignment with ourselves we push our desires aside to please or make others more comfortable. The problem being this take away just one more flicker of our beautiful divine light. As we do this throughout our lives we end up being adults and our inner light being so dimmed that we can no longer find our desire, our passion, our spark!

Fear of our own failure- 

It’s often that we fear failing and so we simply never try. We are afraid to feel the disappointment or other emotions if something does’t work out. We are fearful of if we speak a desire and it’s not receive well then this would create discomfort within ourselves or even in a relationship. So we keep our mouths shut and instead live with a deep internal ache that becomes second nature to us.

Fear of our own success/ enjoying it too much-

We also stifle our desires for fear of something working out!!! Yes, we are often fearful of our own success and then having to deal with the repercussion of success. Whether this is success at trying a desire for a sexual adventure OR success at stepping into a career that we truly desire at our cores. The “what then” always plays in the back of our minds but if we don’t lean in then we are left with the “what if’s”.

As a Goddess we must live OUT LOUD! Own who we are but also what we desire. Our desires are guiding posts for where our spirits desire to go. So lets explore and get to know our Divine Desires!

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Bonus Article: https://addisonbell.net/2017/11/07/desire-for-more/

Bonus Video: [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBgU2-qUbEY&w=560&h=315]


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