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I’m incredibly thankful for 2020!

This morning I woke up bright and early to a sweet kitten purring beside me and giving me morning sleepy eyes as she snuggled in close.

I then headed off to have my morning walk with a friend that is more like family as we shared about our lives and all the abundance that is present.

Then I open my email to messages of love and gratitude from clients that are expanding and reawakening before my very eyes.

And I am again reminded of how very blessed I am and how despite 2020 being a different kind of a year… it’s been a good year.

A year of struggle and turmoil for some but also a year of pulling each other closer and finding support for the difficulties.

A year leaning into faith and intuition. I know so many that are in true crisis right now but I am grateful to watch their true spirit of faith, hope, and refusal to stray from their gut. Instead they have gratitude for the little wins and rays of hope!

It’s been a year of uncertainty and so we’ve had to find gratitude for the here and now and the moments that we have right before us because we realize that they could be gone tomorrow.

So I sit here today in gratitude for 2020 and the new opportunities it has brought us all and how it has welcomed us into get aligned to our spirits. To remember what is truly important at the end of the day and what is simply noise in this human experience.

It is often that we preach and talk about how grateful we are but in truth don’t truly tap into the feeling. On holiday’s such as this we preach gratitude as a social obligation but don’t slow down long enough to tune into the feeling and the energy of gratitude.

We talk about gratitudes that we don’t actually feel…

This year I hope 2020 has shaken you just enough that you have been forced to truly FEEL and that instead of hardening your heart it has softened your heart enough that you are able to acknowledge all your blessings at a heart level.

I hope that hope for all my followers that instead of having to manufacture gratitude that you walk around today and they simply rise up inside you… and continue to do so for the remainder of the year and onwards.

That you drop the ego and see how blessed you are… end of story…. no if’s, and’s, or but’s….

You are blessed!

And so there are amazing things to be grateful for and no matter what is going on that you keep the unshakeable faith.

I know I feel such gratitude that my heart feels overflowing with its immensity.

🙏Grateful for my friends and those that I consider family and the relationships I’m blessed with of every variety
🙏Grateful for those souls pushing through hard times and holding strong in their spirits
🙏Grateful for my clients that gift me with their consistent lessons to me and that share themselves in such vulnerable ways.
🙏Grateful for my home and all the love, joy, and playfulness that fills my space
🙏Grateful for the travel, experiences, and joy that continue to roll into my life.

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving!

(I’d love to hear your gratitudes and share them below!) 👇

🔥Grab the Fire Within 🔥
Addison Bell

Get on Addison’s Waiting List for Coaching today and flame the fires of your life, love, and relationships.
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There is something so powerful and moving about allowing yourself to sit in all your nakedness and feel your power while you at the same time witnessing another in their nakedness.
Nakedness is first and foremost an inner game.
Until we are able and willing to love ourselves as we strip ourselves down to our core…

See our light and our dark
Recognize our wounds and holdbacks
Allow ourselves to own our own power
Until we do these things with self we can never be truly naked with another person.
True nakedness comes from true vulnerability and authenticity.

My question to you today is if you are ready to join this rare few?
Men or Women… this is about you standing in all your magnificence!