Today as I sit drinking my coffee and watching the sun rise, I find myself filled with emotion. And while I feel into each wave, I settle into a deep gratitude for my life. 🙏
Yes, even the parts that feel like a challenge or have me feeling a soul wrenching type of grief! I find an equal amount of gratitude.
💜 Gratitude is easy peasy to tap into when you are feeling filled with joy and abundance. When you seem to have the Midas touch. When you are surrounded by people that are loving all over you and supporting you.
But what about when energies feel heavier? Anger and Sadness arise. You feel betrayed. You feel forgotten. You want to throw in the towel.

What do you do in these moments?
As a collective there is a deep heaviness that can currently drag us down or we can ride the waves. Feel what needs to be felt and continue aligning within.
🥰 Today, I want you to really focus on stepping into a deeper level of gratitude.
Not a fake surface level… but to truly touch it and breathe the sensation into your being.
🙏Feel gratitude for your life just the way it is…
🙏Feel gratitude for the people in your life, just the way they are….
🙏Feel gratitude for your memories both painful and joyous…
🙏Feel gratitude for yourself, your body, your spirit….
🙏Feel gratitude for the lessons you are learning…
Surrender into a deeper level of your heart and the gratitude for wherever you find yourself on this day.
Because no matter what presents in our lives we have much to be grateful for each day.
And as a random side note… Be loving and compassionate today because everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Let’s aspire to be better humans today!
Love you all, 💋
💥 I could say that you should do a consult with me to “uplevel your life”, to “grab the orgasmic life and all the moments”.💥
🥰 But the reality is sometimes we just need someone to lend a hand to guide us through…
🥰 To hold fierce space…
🥰 And thats what I love doing.
👉Reach out for a consultation and have someone there.. listening… and lending a hand to make your world even just a tiny but easier and brighter!
**Photo credit to Dandelion Images