Stop worrying about not growing.
You will grow. That’s inevitable!
There truly is no way for you as a human not to grow.

Each morning we wake up and even if we have the same routine day in and day out, we are always looking at the world in a new light, taking in new information, and learning bout ourselves. Growing!

New ideas are coming in and flowing out. New energies are being sent into the world and we are transforming. New things come into our realities and change our perceptions.

So you WILL change.

Your body will change.
Your mind will change.
Your relationships will change.

Nothing in our lives is ever fully stagnant. There is no such thing as getting on your path of growth. You are already naturally there just from being alive and being human.

The question is if you will choose to direct that change or if you will let your life go on autopilot. Let your growth and expansion go on autopilot.

As humans we are always growing and expanding but we do massive growth in one of two avenues…
Pleasure or Pain.

The average and ordinary chooses PAIN.
Choosing to wait until life is so uncomfortable.
The negative has dragged them down to the extreme
And they can no longer take it any longer.
The negative energies keep multiply and so they are left with no choice but to make a massive shift.

Though with this the change has built up such negative momentum that it is done from a space of anger, pain, sadness, and usually shakes up our entire lives in a negative manner.

And still more just live in that negative land trying to avoid any discomfort and so sit in the unlived life.
Still growing.
Still expanding.

But never in a way that fills them or is sustainable. Never in a meaningful and soul expanding way.

Just growing enough to get by.

Then there is the other avenue. The one taken by few.
The one that sees that growth will inevitably happen in life and so chooses to put direction, purpose, and intent into their lives each day. Choosing to step into pleasure in daily life. Choosing to step into little moments of exciting but still uncomfortable change.

Though it’s done from an intentional and positive outlook. It’s done from a place of gratitude, laughter, joy, and flow.
Choosing to step into the fact that life will change and we will expand and so why not do so from a place of pleasure.

Taking the pleasurable aspects in life and truly dropping in at that next level to let them expand us. Allowing our sex, our relationships, travel, and all the little orgasmic moments throughout our day to teach us.

Also stepping fully into the moments of exciting but nerve wracking expansion.

Choosing to see that you can sit idol and let life throw you around in your growth. Going slow but still going.

Or you can direct your sails and move faster. Doing it all in a more pleasurable way and with a greater likelihood of landing where you desire to be in the long run.

Doing it from a more soul connected place where you will know when the time is right to shift or tweak.

Your change will happen my beautiful follower.
That is simply life!

Though you can choose how you grow!
You can choose if you are growing closer to the person you desire to be or further away from your dreams.

You can take the front seat in your own life and tune into your inner knowing of the next right step in you life and then….


Make the decision to grow in pleasure, grow with intention, and grow with a commitment to self!

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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