Have you ever had a conversation… A conversation that you are dreading or maybe one that just pops up but that you can feel the weightyness. The importance of the conversation but at the same time the ego fear of being “too seen” or not being “seen enough”.

Those  conversations that make your heart race, palms sweaty, or your heart cry out. The messages you avoid hearing or that you avoid sharing out of fear. Fear of self. Fear of your heart being broken or in turn breaking another. Fear of doing more harm than good. And definitely fearful of your own fluid flowing emotions.

And thus many run from the depths of these conversations. Putting blockades up against fully diving into these moments.

But after some hard conversations in my own life I can tell you…

The hard conversations can often be the most loving!

Our difficult conversations are the ones that we must share a piece of self and our vulnerability. We strip ourselves bare and lay it out with all the pieces of us. The shadow and the light.

Usually they require extra breathing, extra tapping into the body, and extra heart.

Basically these hard conversations make us extra aware of ourselves and our hearts. Our sensitive bare hearts. Laying out our vulnerabilities or holding space within self as another lays out their vulnerabilities.

And they can be relationship and life makers or breakers.

Depending on how you are able to stand in their fire but still choose not to armor up your heart. Trying to open and connect with another soul we are speaking too.

And in these hard conversations we also have the opportunity to open up to a whole new level of us. We have a chance to grow in the holding of self but also the acknowledging of the parts that still need to grow. It’s an amazing place of true witnessing.

These hard conversations can catapult us forwards or can crumble us to the ground in different ways.

But they have the potential of being the most loving because they place us right up into our hearts and feeling. They require some of the hardest love to give and that is tough love.

Because tough love is a delicate balance.

To give but also to receive.

It can require some of the greatest levels of vulnerability if it’s coming from a truly loving and heart centered space.

Yet we avoid these moments with those we love.

We lock arms with our ego’s and let them lock our love and growth down out of fear.

We steal the beauty that truly can happen in these moments of sharing and receiving of hearts and truth.

Hard conversations can be the most loving…

But only if you so choose!

And only if you are open and brave enough to breathe into yourself and another.

The growth and expansion in relationship and in self is found in these moments of depth.

Don’t avoid your depth.

Or stifle the the depth of another.

Out of fear of your inner self.

You’ve got this!

You’re stronger than you believe.

You were born with the love to hold this.

It’s your choice!

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