💔He was ashamed of his arousal…
My hands lingered over my male client’s body as he allowed the flow of energy to overtake him. 💥🔥
🛑No touching… It was just me massaging his energy field as he surrendered deeper into his core.
I asked him to allow his breath to release from his throat chakra and he dove into a whirlwind of energetic orgasm.
My heart was wide open as I felt his flow and the beauty of surrender. 💙

💥His energy was open and building.
Until… His energy did a 180! 🤨
It suddenly felt flat, closed, and constricted.
WTF??? Where did my divine masculine client go??
Later, I would find out, after him apologizing profusely, that he was ashamed of his arousal.
😭He was ashamed of his natural body arousal…
😭He thought I would be angry at him…
😭He was ashamed of his desire….
😭Ashamed of his sex.
And with his sharing, I wanted to cry.
And beat him at the same time (lol)
It made me sad that he felt so ashamed of allowing his body to claim a natural flow. To allow his sacral energy to move in the way that it was intended.
YES, meaning that his body might have a natural physical response! 😍
Why would I be mad at this? Why would his energy be offensive?
He never touched me. He never crossed a boundary?
💥The answer….
Because this is what he, and so many of us, learn throughout our lives.
💔Restrict and contract our sexual energy.
💔Don’t show that we have a desire
Not just desire in the bedroom, but desire in life.
🤫Don’t be too excited, too loving, too happy, too playful!
🤫Don’t live in a natural state of humanness.
And definitely don’t be too sexual! 🥺
This isn’t about us acting out our desires without someone’s consent…
Not about doing what we wish.
It’s about feeling and allowing ourselves to feel ourselves without shame.
💗It makes me sad. I remember the years of intense shame over my own sexual energy. Trying to tamp down the desire and the flow of energy within until I was constricted as a whole, it took me years of work to undo my intense shut down. I was never able to be fully ME until I released this energy and all the blocks that went along with that constriction. 💗
I would claim that I loved myself, but this was the furthest from the truth.
I didn’t love my sexual energy, and so I was unable to fully love myself. 🔥
🤩It took a massive surrender to the fact that I am a supremely sexual being. That, this passionate energy that is life-sustaining was such a beautiful and powerful piece of me as a woman (men too).
🔥Our sexual ENERGY moves us forward with creativity, passion. It is LIFE energy. 🔥
And when we don’t embrace it… we aren’t living . We are surviving.
If you want to be FULLY YOU.
FULLY FEEL your pleasure and your emotions.
FULLY connect with spirit.
Then un-trap your sexual energy.
Allow yourself to finally love your whole self.
Love You All,
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