💥🔥He went so very slow until I was begging for him! 🔥💥
💋We had a beautiful evening and dinner of laughter…
💋Then a playful walk hand in hand…
💋Leading to a slow but passionate kiss…
💋Moving to a hungry kiss by the car and a slow question in my ear…
💥By the time we were in bed I was ready for him but he explored my body slowly. Admiring it like a divinely beautiful painting.
Slowly and presently until….
It hot, fast, and passionate!!! 🔥

And orgasmic in the energy, emotions, and physicality.
But even as our physical sped up, our minds stayed slowed down to the present moment.
Both of us with INTENSE energy but yet it was fluid and flowing in it’s strength.
💟 He had slowed me down to the point that I was able to feel into the depths of my sex.
💟 I then, in turn, slowed him down to where he was able to feel his heart and sensation.
I believe we all should first learn sex slowly…. then and only then should we move onto the hot passionate, fiery sexing.
Because while quick and hot moments can be incredibly enjoyable in the bedroom, we spend most of our lives in a fast pace “get it done” world. We are trained to lose connection with our sensations and our feelings, in our lives and thus the bedroom.
👉Meaning we never learn to slow down our minds.
👉Never learn to enjoy the journey but instead to get to the end goal.
👉Never slow down long enough to notice the intricacies of ourselves and our partner.
This is what leads to lack of truly orgasmic sex.
We never learn to FEEL the sex and get our of our heads.
But slowing down is the best way for our bodies to drop into trust and safety in the bedroom. It is the way we realize all the little orgasmic moments that happen even before we get to any of the “good bits”!
😍 Now, hot and fast sex can be incredibly fun! 😍
But if this is the only way you are sexing then you are probably playing out a negative habit of lack of embodiment and presence from your daily world.
Want better sensation in the bedroom?
Slow down in your life!
Love you,
🔥🔥🔥When is enough going to be enough?
🔥🔥You have the divine potential yet life is ticking by…
🔥There is a purpose and intent for conquering your life
But you continue to put it off.
👉It’s time to stand in your power, purpose, and energy.
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