If there is anything I’ve learned in my years as a sex & relationship coach, its that at the core of each and every one of us, we desire to love and be loved.

No matter how shut down we may appear
No matter how much we fake being “fine” alone
No matter how much love we have or have not received in the past
No matter WHAT!!!

We all desire for love and we desire more!

There is no such thing as too loved or too loving.
No such thing as not wanting love.

We begin to believe these things when love is distorted into ego and fitting into societal norms. Its when our human minds twist up our ideas of love with jealousy, control, personal responsibility, and the belief that love is only about being “sweet”.

Love in it’s purest state is divine and we are always desiring more.

I know many that would agree with this idea and the general concept.

Though… do we treat others in our lives in this way?

Do we look at the others in our life and before we act or react remember this?

It is the rare individual that stops to become present with the people in their lives and connect from that place of love.

Even in the actual process of “love making” most are not truly connecting to that space of love within themselves and searching for the places to shine love on their partner.

Most are engage in love making just for the quick physical get-off but not for the reason of filling self and other with love.

We spend our lives claiming to do things for the ones we love. Yet when we are with that person we claim to love we don’t actual connect to those feelings. We don’t act in a way that shows that we care.

That’s not to say that love is all about kindness, sweetness, unicorns and butterflies!!!

Sometimes love is a tough love
Sometimes love can be a ravenous sexual evening
Sometimes love is caring for self first and foremost

But it’s about the energy we connect to in ALL our interactions and I mean actively choose to connect to.

Then there are those of that fight against love…
Believing self unworthy. Believing self to be “fine” without. Believing that they can give love but be okay ne ver receiving it back. The love martyr’s
Or those that straight up resisting any soaking in of energies because it hurts too much.

Well it hurts to be loved and you are resisting against it because it is what your soul is screaming to awaken into.

And when we walk throughout our days and don’t tune into these energies for self and for other…

We disconnect from our very core self. The deepest desire within. The reason we have relationship.

Today, on this beautiful Valentines Day and every day hereafter, I ask you to make a consistent intent to connect to those around you from the space of love.

Your children
Your lover
Your bestie
Your Uber drive
Your Boss

Remind yourself that we all desire and are worthy of love and connection.

Even ourselves.

Hold the hearts in your life gently.
Hold your own heart gently.

Happy Valentines Days!!

Love, Light & Blessings,

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