Darling, You are constantly pulling yourself back.
Back from the edge!
The very edge of your greatness.
The greatness that first requires all of you in your full authenticity.
I watch as the tears well up in your eyes and they quickly get blinked away into oblivion

I see the anger tighten your fists and blaze from your eyes.
Your energy is sharp and intense and I feel your desire to scream at the top of your lungs and burn it all to the ground.
or the words bubble up in your throat about all the ways you want and need to be seen and know…
and yet it all gets sucked back into self.
Sucked back from the edge of your truth.
Sucked straight back into your mind, body, and spirit to fester.
Fester into physical illness, depression, unhappiness, self-hatred, and into negative relationships over and over again.
You come right up to that edge of being seen and known
You run right up to your expansion and then back down right before the magic.
You feel the beauty that life has to offer you. You can paint the most beautiful pictures of how it must manifest in your life!!!
You feel it all deeply and yet you stay locked in your own self-created cage.
You fear your own emotions
You fear your own words
And you fear messing it up!
So you hold back, you silence yourself, you don’t jump in…
And that Babe… that is where you are really messing up.
The mistake is not in living your truth.
It’s going to be Messy!!!
You are definitely going to be too much for some
You are definitely going to end up in the ugly cry
You are definitely going to piss people off and stir things up.
you won’t drown in your own tears…
A good cry is a divine cleansing of the soul
You won’t actually blow up the world
Unless you continue to stuff it all back
And those that love you will still be there in the end.
But my question is will YOU still love YOU if you keep backing down?
I can tell you if you keep up this back and forth dance, then nothing will move forward. You only fail if you don’t try and if you don’t step into that innate courage that is within you.
You want the beautiful expansive life
One where your body feels fluid and vibrant
One where your emotions are in flow
One where you have the most delicious love, experiences, and blessings raining down upon you.
Where you wake up every morning and feel truly grateful and blessed to be living YOUR life.
But until you step out on the edge.
Owning yourself.
Owning your messiness
Owning your beauty
And most of all facing yourself!
It will stay just beyond your reach.
And the thing is darling….
You could have it ALL!!
You just have to step into the edge of your expansion!
Stop faking it until you make it & start living it!!!
There are CHANGES happening at AB Coaching!!!
Well really just realigning my programs and site to what is already happening!
Expansion is what my work is all about. No matter what is going on in our lives… we are always expanding our selves body, mind, and soul.
Expansion Coaching Programs are all about expanding at a new level with a focused intent. Tuning into our lessons and stepping into the exciting and sometimes scary places of growth.
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