Do you ever get tired of holding back? 

You want to step into your life fully but there are those one or two areas that you shy away from being all in.
Those areas that you fear if you stepped fully in would mean loss of friends, family, clients, or simply your comfort zone. 

Today I was doing some cleaning and was allowing the house to be completely silent in order to just be with my own thoughts. I had been pondering the feeling that I needed to make a shift somewhere in my life because something was eating at me. 

I feel aligned… where is this feeling that there is something I am missing something coming from? 

It suddenly came to me that I’ve been holding back over the last 6 months or if I’m truly honest with self, longer. 
I’ve been holding, suppressing, and second-guessing my LOVE.

I see where it was created. I had one person questioning my feelings over a certain situation for awhile and had to keep sticking my feet in the sand. Well… thus creating more of the energy I didn’t want… until the last few months being continually pushed about my heart…. over, and over, and over!

Feeling as if I need to hold my heart back for the concern of it being perceived wrong by family, friends, and others closest to me. 

See holding back isn’t just simple holding back…
When we hold back out truth we stifle our authenticity. 

And we cannot be inauthentic and still live our best lives. 

I held back because my ego didn’t want my actions, reactions, words, or heart to be misunderstood. Though the truth is that this wrecked havoc on my heart chakra. Constrict, constrict, constrict. 

And the truth is people who want to misunderstand you will always misunderstand you. The best of intended actions can get twisted and the worst of actions can be twisted the same. 

I’ve been coming to this realization slowly over the last month anyways but I think I grounded it in today that I’m not constricting to make those close to me more comfortable with the level of awesomeness my heart can shine

I ask you though… where are you holding back?

I know it’s tiring!

It’s got to be even more tiring looking at your life, your dreams, your goals and wondering why that sh*t isn’t bursting open! 

It’s got to be tiring knowing that you have so much more inside of you to give and yet your ego refuses!

I know you are holding back! 
Is it in asking for what you truly need?
Is it in taking the time for yourself to pursue that dream?
Is it from speaking your truth with those you love?

We live in a world where holding back is seen as the norm. It is seen as appropriate. It is expected! 

But that sh*t is tiring! 
And it is soul-sucking. 

And more than holding ourselves back because in truth we all do this at times for a variety of different reasons… but all coming back to EGO!

The true key is what you do about it once you realize. 
Do you make the choice to make changes free your soul or do you stick with the same old, same old! 

Most stick with the same old same old. 

Hence why the majority of people will find themselves exactly where they are right now this time 2019. 

Though, I know my community is powerful, heart-centered, and wants more! If you want more then you have to let yourself free from the chains you are locking yourself into. If you find you have several areas that you are holding yourself back then begin by releasing at a minimum one of these chains. Allow your beautiful self to be seen!

I’m done holding back my love because of others perceptions of my heart! 
Are you ready to stop holding back? And to claim yourself at a new level?

I can’t wait to see your magnificent light shine a bit brighter! 

Love, Light, & Blessings! 

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