Are You Holding onto the Past OR Soaring Into Your Future?

I see you there in your hurt, sadness and wounding.
I feel your desire to make a change and have that life that you want and deserve.
You are right on the brink!!!

Yes, you are right there standing in your passion and desire to open yourself up to this whole new world of pleasure.

But your old shiz is never going to allow that change.

While you are standing right on the edge, wanting to leap into your future, you are also still holding onto the past and your wounds.

You are clinging to the ideas of lack of worthiness
You are clinging to your traumatic memories
You are clinging to what you’ve known for so long

That it is stealing your beautiful moments
It is pushing those you love away
And keeping you from deeper relationships and deeper sexing

And in truth the wounding…
The trauma…
The disconnection you’ve developed…

They are great excuses to stay right where you are and to not expand your wings. To not take the leap. To not get vulnerable and take a risk….

In your sex
In your relationships
In your career
In your daily tasks

You’re allowing old shiz to control your now!

And I know these things made a huge impact on you and they have been scary AF to move through. It takes a massive amount of courage to push past those moments when your ego is screaming that your heart is in danger, your relationships will fall apart, or that you yourself are not worthy.

But at some point you have to let go of the shiz and allow yourself to soar.

Believe me… I get it!
I’ve been there time and time again
And I will continue time and time again to push through

Because at the end of the day there always comes a choice point where you buy into the past or you buy into your future. Where you let go and decide to drop those old patterns and beliefs. A point where you put your trauma behind you a choose a different focus.

At the end of the day you have to choose to be worthy
You have to choose to be good enough
You have to choose to love yourself

No one…
No coach
No teacher
No lover
No relationship
No job


Can make this choice for you.

You are the one that has to decide if you are going to keep claiming the voices of the past and using them as excuses for your future.


If you are going to believe yourself worthy and start living that life and not accepting anything that does not fit that new version of you.

You are not a victim
You are the manifestor of your world!

And while you darling have such valid reasons to be holding onto the edge… because those past experiences were real. And they did hurt.
And you were changed.

But you can use them to move you closer to your desired life or continue to create those same negative experiences and beliefs again and again.

And I see you.

You have it within you to soar.
To feel the rush of exhilaration and expansion.
You are on the brink

Don’t let yourself down!

~Recover You Life!!!~

Love, Light, & Blessings,

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