You feel the energy awakening within you.
It is a desiring energy.
It is a deeply hungry energy.
You want more.

Finally you are beginning to believe that there is more for you than the life you’ve been living.
You look around you and see others that are embodying the person you so desire to be.
The things you are working to open up too…
?A deeply intimate relationship
?Greater depth in your sex
?Financial abundance
?Connection to your energies

The energy is radiating within and you have opened yourself up enough that you truly see it and feel it. You know that something has to be done to transform you to the next level.

But the problem is you aren’t directing your energy.
You are allowing it to fly this way and that.
Never actually settling in.

You are still stuck on the external outcomes and situations
You are jumping from one focus to the other and it is confusing your energies and your growth.
You know what you desire is out there but you are trying to hot wire the connection.

You feel the energy
You see the steps
But you aren’t surrendering to the process!!!

And yes there is a process.
A process of your soul growth and expansion
You must give yourself to this process and ground into the path you are desiring to take.
You must commit to yourself each and every day on this process.

The problem being that you look at your desires and think… YES, I want THAT!!!

But you look at what is being given to you to do on your path, to get where you are going and you dismiss it. You don’t see it as part of the path and process.

Why change your thoughts when you just want better sex?
Why connect to your energy body when you are looking to have more money flow in?
Why do journal prompts when you are focused on healing a relationship?

These things aren’t hot, sexy, or fun!!!

You want what you want and you want it NOW!

And that’s okay. You can want what you want. You can want it NOW. But you can still choose to do what needs to be done and stop trying to hot wire the connections in your life to your desires.

You can give yourself a fighting chance and lean into the unknown and uncomfortable. Because at the end of the day no matter what your goals/desires are, the first step is always to connect with yourself!!!

The first steps are always to look at your mind, body, & energy!

You can’t leave these pieces behind!

At the end of the day you always have to open up the energies for the desire before you gain the desire. You have to set up a foundation for your metaphorical dream house to be built.

And right now you are trying to build without any foundation to rest upon and hold you up steady.

The energies and expansion is there for the taking.
You see it.
You just have to fully step into the process and trust that you will find your way.
That as soon as you stop griping and hot wiring your desires that they will fall into place.

But you must realize the interconnectedness of your being
You must interweave that beautiful mind, body, and spirit that you have been given.

Sending you…
Love, Light, & Blessings


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