“How dare you love yourself! Stop it and stop it now”

How dare you take a picture of yourself and want to share your beautiful smile with the world.

How dare you be excited about your life and want to share the excitement that you are feeling.

How dare you be proud of your accomplishments and take pride in your work.

How dare you charge money for your years of expertise and training.

You really should dull your shine so that I feel better and that I don’t have to really take a look at how I am not living up to my own potential.

I mean… it’s wrong to really and truly love yourself and allow the world to see your love of self.

Why don’t you hate yourself like I hate myself???
Stop all the worthiness, self-love, love giving energy.

You are just conceited
You are just a narcissist
You are just stuck up

I find it appalling that in this day and age this is the energy of messages that I and other still receive on social media. I also find it horrible when I hear these same things in conversations.

Why are we still hating on others for loving themselves and wanting to radiate that love out to others. And why do we still think it’s appropriate to make a mass judgment and assumption of someone based upon a selfie.

We give mixed messages in our society that we should love ourselves… but just not that much…. not enough that others would have to look at their own shiz and realize that they themselves are not happy.

We don’t want to see others shine because it will bring a blaring light straight to the places where we aren’t living up to our potential or loving ourselves. It’s instead easier to point outwards at those around us and label them with negativity.

I personally spent years HATING myself. I hated myself almost to an early grave and I know I’m not alone in that experience.

So now when I can proudly post a selfie and think, “Man, I look really happy in this picture!” or even “Man, I look hot in this picture”

I am overjoyed because if you would have backtracked 20 years my view of self was vastly contrasting.

I am proud of the life I have created for myself and the love I truly do have for myself.

But it saddens me to hear/see these messages of others wanting myself and others people shining their lights to quiet them down. Judging….Blaming… Assuming.

It make me sad because it speak to the culture as a whole that is not wanting to feed our self-love and is more comfortable with drama and negativity then true joy and happiness.

What we see in others is a reflection of what is going on inside us and where we still have wounding. All judgment is simply self-judgment.

So I ask that if you have a judgment about someone loving themselves too much or even any other part of another person…. Look at yourself!!!

Where are you not wanting to love yourself?
Where are you not okay with your own success?
Where are you not feeling worthy?

Because this is your work.

As for me…

How dare I choose to not love myself.
God placed special gifts within me that were meant to shine and so how dare I not live out my greater purpose and share the love that is inside of me. How dare I even think about dulling my sparkle.

And to those men and women shining bright and bold…

Shine on because how dare you not!

~Recover Your Life!~


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