I looked at my friends garden… “damn, her garden looks amazing!”

Then I immediately started thinking about my own little garden that was steadily growing, steadily flowering, but not quite as big and bold.

I started wishing my garden looked like my friends garden with more things growing, more green, more produce producing. I was degrading my own little garden because I saw this other garden.

Comparing and stealing the joy of what was a perfectly great garden…. Now although it’s wonderful to recognize the desire for my garden to look like my friends garden and even love on and visualize my garden in abundance. My friends garden growing abundantly doesn’t diminish the growth that I have…

And this concept applies to EVERYTHING in our lives.

Our lives are these gardens.

Just because someone else is having amazing sex, soul-shaking relationships, money rolling in, an stellar body, or anything else…

Does not take away from your sex, relationships, money, or body. It might show you a desire in the comparison.

And yes comparison is a thing…. its a thing we don’t get rid of and is a normal human process. The key is how we are perceiving and translating that comparison.

Are you simply acknowledging the differences?
Are you seeing a desire that is at the tip of your own fingers?
Are you stepping into jealousy and envy?
Are you shutting down in victimhood?

The comparing isn’t the issue… no matter what your brain will do this on autopilot. It’s how we learn and understand our world from our earliest moments in life.

The desire is also not the issue… desires show us our next level and where the turn-on and pleasure lies for us in our lives. Desires are yummy and juicy. Period. No if’s, ands, or butts. Desires are feel good moments.

What is the issue and where we turn the above two things negative is when we step into scarcity mode with our desires and comparing. When we allow our egos to run off with the idea that we are restricted or stopped from having. The focus on what isn’t there instead of focusing in on the beauty of the energy we are feeling.

I sat with a client the other day as he shared that he no longer wanted to desire his sexual desires because then he was faced with the fact that if he looked around they weren’t there in the present moment.

We spent almost the entire session discussing how the beauty and yumminess comes in the dreaming of the desire and the knowing that you are aligned to it. The tasting of the feelings that come with the desire and the anticipation. Yes, there is beauty in the receiving but to get to that receiving place we must first get into the FEELS of the thing. Dream it and know it is meant for you with all the excitement.

The truth is that we can enjoy another persons abundance and it doesn’t take anything… not a single thing… away from our own abundance that might simply look a little different. When we compare in a way that is keeping score then we will find ourselves coming up short often.

My garden might have the sweetest and juiciest tomatoes and might be getting ready to explode in abundance. My garden could end up being more than I ever imagined possible. However, if I take my eyes and my positive energy off of my own garden out of scarcity thinking then it will surely suffer. It won’t get the love and energy it deserves and the magic will be taken away from the growth that is happening.

So i ask you today…

Where are you comparing your garden??
In relationships
In sex
In business
In money

Where are you stealing your own joy and bliss from yourself out of scarcity thinking?

Focus on all the abundance that is all around you and see your desires as just beautiful moments of positive energy instead of looking at what isn’t in your present moment.

Go Recover Your Life!

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