How has it worked for you thus far?
The internal shaming, blaming and tearing yourself down.
The way you have been ripping yourself apart for even the smallest of infractions.
The way you berate yourself for…

That silly thing you said
That tear that you couldn’t hold back
That moment when you hit the snooze
That pair of pants you can’t fit into
And on and on…
Is it working?
Has it changed anything in your life?
Well, I’m sure it actually has!
I’m sure you feel worse about yourself.
I’m sure you are further away from your core self and love.
I’m sure that in all actuality you are continuing to dig a deeper and deeper hole of negative energy towards yourself that makes you feel as if you were drowning.
But shaming, blaming, and hating on ourselves does NOT move us forward in our lives. It does not serve as a mechanism for lasting change or motivation.
Study after study proves that this only pulls us further from our desired outcome.
Because that internal negativity towards self radiates outwards. Others FEEL the hatred you are throwing at yourself, even if you are hiding it with a smile. And you can’t fake out vibration and the Universe.
It knows!
Let me ask you a question beautiful…
Would you look at the people you hold most dear, look them straight in the eyes and say the things that you say to yourself?
I doubt it.
You would never be that cruel.
You have too much love for them
You see their beauty too much
And you respect them enough to not be that cruel.
So why are you okay going around and ripping yourself apart?
You are in a game of torture, victimhood, and yes even pity with yourself.
You are dragging down your own light because you are afraid to shine bright.
You haven’t stepped up and claimed your true soul power.
I’m not saying that you can never kick your own butt into gear.
Heck, I do it every day and accountability is essential to moving into a new level of self.
Any expansion is going to require you to look at yourself and see where you are not living up to your full potential.
Though yelling, hating and berating is not moving you towards your full potential!!!
Looking at where you need to make changes. Taking aligned and determined action to make those changes.
And yes even being a little disappointed with self when you don’t rise to the challenge….
All perfectly acceptable.
But the difference between that and what you are doing my dear is that one is based in LOVE
and the other is based in HATE
One builds you up and connects you with self
and the other tears you down so you can’t even find yourself.
You beautiful are made from the most divine and worthy of energies.
And you have the ability to truly reach your dreams.
But not if you continue the self-bashing.
Believe me…
I’ve been there. Down in the put of self-hate. Literally not seeing event he tiniest thing that made me worthy.
And the more I hated… the further down I went.
It took flipping into unconditional love for self to change
And man has it changed my life in the last 10years!
Self-hate never got me anywhere worth going…
And so I beg you to turn around as well and start walking more towards a true love of self.
You are worth it.
It is the only way out of this razed cycle you’ve gotten yourself caught in my dear.
Self-love is the answer. At the end of the day if you don’t have that then you truly don’t have anything.
The most expansive feeling is when our body, our mind, and our soul are working together in a beautiful harmonious dance!
Those moments when we feel the curve of our bodies and catch a glimpse in the mirror and think…
Hello Gorgeous!!!
Having a body image that lifts us closer to self love.
When our minds are at peace and filled with enthusiasm for all that is in the present moment and all to come.
Inspiration flowing in from our very souls because our channels are clear.
Where we ALWAYS know the next right step in our lives and feel ALIGNED…ENTHUSIASTIC…
Though this is rare…
Most women today are not in a full state of self-love but instead in the treacherous grip of self-hate!
Not embracing the beauty and sensual within themselves
Picking themselves apart for every mistake and blunder
Running around and filling their heads and bodies with trash…
Time to get back to who we are at our very core.
And connected
Body, Mind, and Soul
We aren’t going to cleanse in the traditional way!
We are going to cleanse all that shiz that keep us away from our self-love!!
The Thoughts, The Beliefs, and The Chaos in our lives
Join me in a three-day workshop where we will deep dive into all the things that block us against living our best life in self-love.
Even the most magnificent life can not be enjoyed without Self Love