My hustle is my happiness

At least once a week I have someone in my life that points out that I am always on the go. Telling me that I need to stop working so much and chill out.

Alluding to the fact that happiness is found in laziness. That if I am not spending time watching tv, post random B.S. on social media, or drinking/sleeping my day away that I am obviously not enjoying my life. Saying that I obviously can’t just “be”.

When in truth I find time each and every morning to just “be” with self in meditation, journaling, and even in drinking my morning cup of joe. I have slow and conscious starts to my day but then….

I’m off!!!

I’m writing my articles that are given to me by spirit each day, I am doing my videos, connecting with clients, spending time with my lover or those closest to me, building new programs and workshops, and taking care of my physical health.

and I love it. And despite the commentary I hear… I have no desire to change it.

Because I like the hustle. I find joy and happiness in the hustle.

My hustle leave me feeling fulfilled and like I did something with my day. It has grown me a business that is vibrant and thriving and where I have soul aligned clients. It’s also left me in a place that if I have that day here or there that I don’t feel the hustle… or if I am off and spending time with those I love….

I can chill and not worry.

There are two kinds of hustle. The aligned and the unaligned.

The hustle that brings happiness and the hustle that brings more dread and a negative energy of “work”.

If you are doing just to be doing…. then you are actually doing nothing! You could hustle to your little heart is content but the energy will not take you to a space of joy and happiness because it would be coming from a place of need and scarcity.

But if you hustle is invigorating you
If you feel called to get shiz done and have inspiration flowing, then you are in the aligned hustle. Aligned hustle is when you know your soul is wanting you to do something and so you are tapping in consciously throughout the day to follow it’s directions.

And guess what??? Sometimes I have moments where I don’t hustle at all.

But I look out into the world and people have taken “self-care” as an excuse to be lazy and not to find the things that make them happy.

For me… TV, random scrolling, and drinking my day away make my soul scream in protest most days.

It depletes my energy instead of pumping my energy up.

Connecting in with you soul does not mean you have to do nothing… it means you have to get present and listen. Even if that presence happens while on the go.

Do I take time to be in stillness??? Should you???

Yes. Like I said my mornings start slow and very much connected and inquiring within self. They start out getting aligned to the hustle that I am about to embark on throughout my day.

But just because someone is busy
Does not mean that they aren’t happy.

I feel blessed to have all the exiting thing, people, opportunities in my life that I do and when I am at my busiest is usually when I am at my happiest because it means energy is flowing in my life.

If you are busy just to be busy and fill your time… then that’s retracting from your soul.

But if you are one of those high-vibe people that enjoys the hustle.

Then hustle on!!!

You can connect with soul
Manifest Your World
And Love your Life

Inside the Hustle!!

~Recover Your Life~

Love, Light, & Blessings,

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