I always come back to my center!
That thing that grounds me and clears my mind. 

Now we all have something that centers us…
A time, space, or activity that allows us to be free and clear of our ego-driven thoughts.
Where we are simply in a state of BEing

I love a good meditation where you simply focus in on your breath and can be carried away to receive massive spiritual downloads. Where I can really center with my spirit and the chaos simply melts away. 

Though sometimes this proves a little more challenging than others. I still continue on with my meditation practice but I find it not quite as effective in tuning me in. 

I also have been blessed with other places in my life that have provided this centering. The yoga mat, the massage table, simple eye gazing with self, running energy, mindful touch, etc….

There are so many ways that we can drop into a meditative state. 

Though, one of my greatest practices has actually been dance. Not a class where I am trying to get technique perfected (although there are always moments in classes). But when I am free to let the music carry me away. 

This moments where the music becomes me and I become the music. Where I am not thinking and planning but letting my body lead, and in truth totally clearing my mind of all chatter. 

Dance has always brought me back to my center. It has been my safety net in difficult times. It has been my worship to God. It has been where I can truly let all aspects of my heart out without concern.

It is always just me and the music. 

Whether I need to process out an emotion. Whether I am feeling numb and need to be “moved”. Or whether I truly want to dance in complete celebration of life. It all brings me back to my center. 

I danced before I was truly talking… and so it is ingrained in me as a true communication of my soul and thus my center. 

And when I find traditional meditation isn’t working… 
It is where I go. 

In all open authenticity the last week or so my meditations have been not at the depth that I usually desire and require to fuel my work. I still do them but they have been more surface level. But I also know that any meditation practice will ebb and flow in it’s depth. 

So, today I was driving and a song I had never heard popped up on my Youtube and as I drove and listened…
I felt heaven being sung. I thought immediately….

(Like any good ex-dance teacher and performer)

I need to choreograph this little piece of heaven. But the thought came in and went out just as quickly as I listen. 

Later though, after some guidance from another, I was told to go re-center myself on the dance floor. In the movement. In the beauty of just BEing with something that brings me joy despite what is being processed. 

And I know that in order to get reconnected in my meditations. To get reconnected to my spirit. To get reconnected to my play. To get reconnected to my passion… I have to dance and I have to do it probably every day this next week to kick-start my butt!!!

Dance is a passion. It is one of my passions not attached to my business… nor do I want it to be. Dance is for me. 

So, why am I going on and on about my love for dance?
How it helps heal me when I am broken?
How it helps me reawaken my center so my other practices work?

Why am I telling you this?

Because your “thing” might not be dance but there is that thing that calls to you. That thing that helps you gain clarity. That thing that feels totally unrelated to your current life and work but that holds a special place in your heart. 

Whatever it is… are you using it? 
Are you using it as a stepping stone to simply work with your vibration when you are in a low place or need help reconnecting to your center?

Most of the time these passionate, meaningful, “things” get thrown away as we age. We “grow up” and they are left for fond memories. And seen as something we simply don’t have the time for! 

Dancing, Painting, Photography, Hiking, Coloring, Etc. 

Whatever your “thing” is… are you using it as a tool to move your forward when you need that kick? 

I always find myself back at my center which is dance. The centering that guides me to the deeper centering of self! 

Where is your center?
Are you connecting to your center?
What tools can you bring in to raise that vibration and reconnect you?

Hope you enjoy the #throwbackto17 picture! 

Sending you all…

Love, Light, & Blessings!