You have to know it in your soul!

Have to feel the fire swelling deep within you at the very core of your being that won’t be tamed.
You have to feel that hot passion that sets your genitals, your gut, and your warriors heart ablaze.

I want to burn in this fire….

Set me ablaze in this glory…
My desire runs that F*cking Deep!

The desire for a life that sets my heart on fire each and every day with amazing relationships that expand me, love me, and lift me!

The desire for not just a successful business (☑️ got that), but for a business that allows me to touch thousands of hearts and know that I am guiding people to change their lives for the better. Where they feel more understood and seen! Where my “work” is abundant joyful PLAY!

A life path….. one that I yearn for, ache, for, and KNOW I can have.

The desire to not just have a great income but one where money flows to me and through me with ease. To dine in luxury, to follow soul-alignment in buying, to be free of scarcity. To share and revel in my abundance with those closest to me and to go travel wherever my little heart desires!

Greece, Ireland, Costa Rica, France, ect….
I want to taste every morsel, revel in every new location, and have naughty moments, and playful laughter all over this WORLD!!!!!

(Warning to my friends, family, lovers, and upcoming retreat clients get READY!!! Whose Ready???)

To shamelessly experience all that this beautiful life has to offer… in a multitude of places… with those I hold near and dear to my heart!
(I have a mental orgasm just contemplating it!)

The desire for deeply sensual. To be held, kiss, caressed, and f*cked so deeply by my lover that I am left after hours of love making completely ravished and aglow. Aglow with the burning beautiful energy of passion, desire, and my pure feminine energy as it dances. And to have my heart f*cked open over and over again, night after night!
(mmm, feeling ablaze just writing it!)

The desire to not only dance in this feminine energy but also dance with spirit. Always reaching a new depth!

I desire to be vehemently devoured in joy, laughter, play, orgasm….
Always vibing high and glowy AF!

I don’t just DESIRE IT!, No! I KNOW IT!


I know it is there. I believe I can have it. I feel it on my very skin, taste it in my mouth as I write, and can see it right in front of my eyes. I can savor all the juiciness NOW.

I Believe!!!

You don’t need to believe for me.
You don’t have to believe in me.
You don’t have to feel my passion. Feel my desire. Or even think I am on the right path.
It just requires that I, ME, Addison Bell, believes in my dreams, and desires!

And if you claim to want your desires then you better believe too.

Stop the B.S. of not believing. Second-guessing. And stifling what you REALLY DESIRE!!! Making it more correct in the eyes of those around you. More P.C!

And stop trying to PROVE to everyone else your passion!
Just feel it! Just step into it! Just F*cking Live IT!

You nor I owe anyone an explanation for our desires. Or to dance like a little monkey to prove it to someone else!

But FIRST, you have to BELIEVE IT!

YES, it is a MUST!

You have to believe that it is within your grasp and that God wants it for you as much as you want it for yourself. You have to not give up because it feels too far away or out there.

? Believe in yourself and in your aching screaming heart that is yearning deep inside your chest for all your desires.
? Believe in the feeling that explodes in your genitals when you think and imagine that dream coming true. ? Believe in the power of your beautiful warrior spirit!

All your desires are there for the taking but first you better believe!

~Love, Light, & Blessings~

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