💋I Can’t Feel You…
There we were…
Making out like teenagers and the energy was hot!
He was taking his time with my body and I was reveling in all the kisses and caresses that we were sharing.
Every touch felt like a glorious fire on my skin. 🔥
And I was in energetic flow with each stroke across his body.
I was oh, so ready for us to take this beyond a hot make-out session to something even deeper and connective. ✨✨
He leaned in to kiss me as penetrated me and then…
😦A switch flipped. Where did he go?
Where was the fire? The passion?
Was he really inside of me?

I checked in with my body and yes indeed we were having penetrative sex but…
I couldn’t FEEL him.
This beautiful luscious man had left his body presence and had gotten caught up in his mind. I could feel his mind swirling and so I called him out!
“I can’t feel you! Where’d you go on me, babe?”
That night we had a long in-depth conversation about what was swirling in his mind but at the end of the day, his presence left me un-penetrated.
And this is a common problem not just in our sex lives but in our lives as a whole.
When we aren’t present and feeling ourselves then, no one else can feel us or truly penetrate us.
👉We can speak the words…
👉We can have the sex…
👉We can take the actions…
👉We can have the relationship…
And yet, if we aren’t matching those words, actions, sex, or relationship building with ENERGY and PRESENCE, then we won’t be felt.
Whatever we are trying to engage in will fall flat and lack the orgasmic nature.
🙁Our words will start to come across as fake and unaligned
🙁Our sex will be average and ordinary
🙁And we will leave our partners, family, and friends in a space of feeling unloved and if not unloved at the very least confused.
Though before we can share our energy and presence with another we first must find that space within ourselves.
We must touch into our core and penetrate our own feelings and sensations.
Like my personal example shared… this amazing man did not lose his presence first with me. No, he lost presence first and foremost within himself and that energy spoke to me and our connection.
💋✨I ask you today to do a quick check-in of your presence level in conversations, your physical body, your emotions, and your energy in all your actions. ✨💋
To have an orgasmic life we must find this level of connection within and then recognize when we have fallen off course.
It’s time my beautiful soul followers to
🔥Grab the Fire Within! 🔥
You are hungry for the orgasmic life and orgasmic relationships that you hear about.
At a soul level you know there is SO MUCH MORE available to you.
But you find yourself uncertain how to move forwards and claim your life.
Well my beautiful woman… I love to guide women like you!
It’s my passion.
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Love you,