I c*ck blocked my own flow!

Yesterday I had a PLAN.
I had a LIST.
I was determined to sit my butt down and get my top 5 things checked off the list.

I was in a feel-good mood and didn’t THINK I was approaching anything with “must get done” energy. Though as I walked through each element on my list I found small nuances blocking the completion.

One task that was supposed to take 30mins tops took me hours because I kept running into tech issues and other distractions.

I was collaborating with another coach on some things and all of a sudden some beautiful inspiration presented itself. We were chatting, laughing and in flow about our new soul inspired guidance.


As we began focusing in on the building, creating, and dreaming about a truly exciting idea…

I notice myself becoming tense. Becoming frustrated. Becoming Anxious. And after a short time, my body was in massive pain from constriction.


As much as I kept trying to get into the flow of this soul-inspired idea I was also blocking myself off from truly feeling the turn-on.

I kept hearing my old programming about getting my stuff done and being “responsible”.

I notice the program and was eventually able to shut it down but for a few hours, it was c*ck blocking…

The joy out of the present moment
The joy of seeing a soul-inspired idea come to life
The joy of just hanging out with friends
And also the joy out of the task that I needed to get done

I took tasks that I wanted to get done and were aligned but tried to force them into a neat and tidy little box. Thus taking most of my day totally out of alignment until I pulled my own head out of my butt

Though, in our world, we are constantly doing this to ourselves.

We don’t go with the flow of life and thus steal our own joy. Sometimes taking things that ARE aligned and getting far out of true alignment with them based upon our approach.

So on this Friday… before you head into the weekend…

Where is one area you find yourself out of alignment with things simply because of your approach?
What are some steps you could take to realign those energies and approach them in a different manner?

Hoping you all have…

A fierce, flowy, and fiery Friday!

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