I demand better than “normal” and the issue is that you don’t!
This week I have heard the word “normal” thrown out over and over again!
And the term has been used every time as a justification and a way to remove one’s guilt for not doing what needs to be done.
A settling.
An acceptance of the unacceptable.
Or actually it might be acceptable to you but it’s not acceptable for me or for my tribe.

I am far from normal. I started out weird when I came into this world and have never followed “normal”. Sure I gave it a strong try for many years but no matter how “normal” I tried to be the more I realized that I am simply not normal and I don’t accept or desire normal.
Normal is a setting on a dryer… boring and bland.
It is a state for those who wish to just get through thier lives.
And if that is you… then that is totally cool and the beauty about free will is that you get to live however you desire.
Though, I would suggest that you stop following me because I will lead you astray of your comfortable normal track!!
Because I demand better than normal in my life, in my followers, in my relationships, in my business, and within myself.
I hear all the time from client’s this normal excuse…
It’s normal for my sex drive to be going down at my age!
It’s normal to not have any time and be unhappy with your job
It’s normal to have 20mins of sex start to finish
It’s normal to only have sex 2-3 times a month (if that)
It’s normal to just settle down with 2.5 children that you didn’t want and in a marriage, you don’t like
It’s normal for this stage of life to be struggling or not be able to connect with my partner.
I’m calling BULL to all of it!
Normal is an excuse for you not to try any harder and just skate by in your life.
The average person is not happy in their life, their relationships, their work, their sex or just within themselves.
And this epidemic of being normal leaves us continually unfulfilled until we stop reaching for any more within our lives. We can’t even see all the blessings and beauty that we could have because we are so brainwashed with just staying at the status quo!
I have a group of friends that I see a few times a year. They are people I’ve know for a very long time and so while they are near and dear to my heart we have expanded in different directions. Though when we all get together they are shocked when I will tell them what I expect and demand out of my sexing. They will look at me like I have ten heads and tell me that I’m not “normal” to desire good sex that is hours long and leaves me feeling fully ravished. That I, not my partner at times, is the one that will initiate and crave giving oral sex or having multiple rounds of sex.
The same story applies to what I demand out of my work with it being about me sharing my heart and soul… not normal!
The same applies to the connection and depth I have with myself… not normal.
All this to say that often when we say…
“it’s normal”… what we mean is… we just don’t want to try for anything better. We have become stagnant with doing what everyone else does and in at least that area of our lives we are stagnant.
Now, this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t be happy and satisfied in your life. That is actually abnormal… happy and feeling good is not our average here in the United States. So joy is “weird”!
And that isn’t to say that you have to always be “better” or achieving “more” than everyone else at all times.
It’s to remind you not to use normal as an excuse!
Not to hide behind societal expectations because in truth normal most of the time does not equate to healthy!
And honestly, most of our “norms” are built on lies…
Because your sexual functioning does NOT die because of your age… it dies because of your belief that it is supposed to go down. It dies because of not taking care of your sexual health and physical health throughout your life. And a variety of other reasons.
Because your lack of time/energy does not have anything to do with your stage of life… it has to do with the fact that you aren’t taking care of yourself and prioritizing the things that fill you with more time or energy. It has to do with your mindset that you aren’t supposed to have time/energy because you are are 30, 40, 50, etc.
I think you get my point.
It’s easy to throw things under the umbrella of “normal” in order to get out of looking at your own lack of stepping into your own life.
And if you get stuck in the normal trap then it’s a hard one to break through.
If you don’t want to do the work for something…
At least respect yourself enough to simply own it. Don’t be a victim to “normal”.
And as for me…
I know I’m not normal and I don’t want to be normal.
I will always want for more and continue to still open up to being joyful and blessed in the now.
I own that I want and demand extraordinary sex
I own that I want and demand deeper relationships
I own that I want and demand more fulfillment and success
I own that I want and demand a mind-blowing, passionate, playful lifestyle
And so does my tribe…and that’s not normal!
Hence why my growth game is strong and I hang out and coach people that have the same level of growth game.
Because I’m just not available for normal on most things!
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