🔥I ‘desired’ so much in my life because of other people…
I initially desired recovery from my eating disorder because I didn’t want to continue to put my family & friends through my hell. 😞
I initially desired to heal my sex because I wanted to be able to hold a romantic relationship and that required me being willing to have sex. 😞
And you know what….
🔥Neither of these WHY’s were good enough! 🔥
My eating disorder didn’t heal until I started to tap into truly desiring a different way of living for myself. Having a HUNGER for more than starving my life away.
I got even a whiff of passion for life and I grabbed it. 😍

My desire for sex didn’t really open and expand out until I got passionate about growing ME. It wasn’t until I started to FEEL GOOD that my world blew up in the most juicy of ways because of my sex. 🤯🔥😍
It took me finding the pleasure in the WHY.
✊Often we take on other people’s desires and don’t even realize it until we stop to push ourselves to go into the feeling of our WHY.
If your WHY for…
Relationship, Orgasm, Money, etc.
Does not include a feeling
Keep going deeper. 😘
And go to that deep space of finding the long lasting FEEL GOOD
The feel good that will sustain you and not give you a crack addict hit.
Climactic sex is bland and blah… sure your can tap into that moment of intense pleasure but it wont sustain your body on a biological level. 💕
Now, orgasmic sex where you are riding the wave consistently… WILL continue to fill your up and allow you to keep feeling good. ❤️
My point being, that its finding the feel good that sustains behind your WHY for the things in your life.
If we want pleasure in our lives we MUST be willing to find our why and actually tune into that feeling of pleasure 🤯
Look at your desires and what feeling you’re trying to reach.
Without this work you will always find yourself falling short of the Orgasmic Life!
Reawaken Your Sex, Reawaken Your Life
& Grab the Fire Within!
Love, 💋
My Soul Followers, Are you ready?
Ready to truly own the flow?
Excited to live the Juiciest of Lives? 🍓
My mission in this life is to be a guiding light for divine souls like you! 💥
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