I have a very soft heart
I am called every single day to add some beauty to this world and go to sleep each night knowing I made a difference.
I enjoy when I can tell people how amazing they are and share a true sense of love
However, sometimes love isn’t all warm and fuzzy
Sometimes sending out love is actually saying the hard things that will trigger negative feelings
Sometimes the most loving thing is to break someone’s heart
I have been blessed over the last few years to meet some truly amazing men in my world.

Men that had hearts of gold
Men that had passion and purpose
Men that were divinely beautiful
Men that were falling in love with me and treated me like a Goddess.
And unfortunately, men that did not pull up the same feelings within my own being.
And even a handful that did!
And I let them all go.
I experienced their unique and beautiful energies and then I let them flow on to the next chapter of their lives. Learning so much for and about myself and knowing that many left with their own learnings.
Some beautiful soft learnings…
Some difficult and tearful learnings…
I can remember looking at one man, in particular, a few months back and THINKING…
“He’s got so many aspects of what I desire in a man!”
I could tick off all the reasons why I should stick with him and all the ways he was such an amazing man.
Yet, when I tuned into my body, my intuition, and my arousal there was something “off”.
Not in the way in which this man was hiding something or he was holding anything negative at all. But my system was simply not feeling him and my energy kept pulling up blocks.
To the point that thinking it was just me, I pushed forward into sex and my body resisted. It resisted to the point where I left the encounter in pain…
Not from this man’s actions… he actually did so many things right but in truth, because at some level my energy refused to relax into him.
So, I broke it off!
I knew in my core it was not right for me!
We so often listen more to our heads in relationships and not enough to what our hearts and energies are saying.
Pushing aside the little nudges that our bodies give us… Pushing aside those yellow flags that if we charge forward can quickly turn into red flags!
Pushing aside our very guidance system.
And we do this not to hurt the other person’s feelings and to hold onto something rather than be without. Not knowing that we are simply clogging up our channel for what we desire to flow into our lives.
I find it incredibly aligned to break someone’s heart if that is where I truly am.
It is not loving to keep someone dangling out there if you are not in alignment with them.
Now, in long-term scenarios, I will say that sometimes we run from situations because it would require us to do our own work. We use alignment as an excuse to be lazy and not grow and expand. We use alignment as a “get out of jail free” card around pushing through a difficult time with someone.
This is not what we are talking about here…
We are talking about those times when your head is trying to be logical and your energy is screaming that you need to run.
In these times it can be difficult because in truth…
it’s not YOU
and it’s not ME
It’s simply not right for either party
When people are dating they tend to put too much ego into the connections and disconnections at the beginning.
If someone doesn’t want to date you then it’s not a rejection of you… it doesn’t mean you did something wrong necessarily… it isn’t a reflection on you…
It is simply not right.
Why give that other person your power
We meet, we date, we learn, and then…
We either want to learn more
We don’t.
Letting someone go when it’s not aligned is so incredibly loving. It free’s the other person’s energy to go, do, be, and explore.
I have been on the side and being the one disconnected from and yes it can hurt tremendously. And at the same time, it is better than not knowing where that person truly stands and continuing to live under false belief.
Although I hate looking someone in the eyes and telling them that I don’t want to date them any longer. I do find it incredibly freeing in my energy and it feels beautifully authentic.
Today I challenge you to look at your relationships.
Yes, ALL of your relationships.
Where is there energy that needs to be severed?
Where is there energy that might need more authenticity attached?
Where is there tweaks and alignment within yourself that you simply need to do?
Make positive energetic changes in a loving and authentic way today and feel your energy transform and open to new situations and opportunities.
Sending you all…
Love, Light, & Blessings!
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