I get it…
You’re tired.
You’re sick.
You’re filled with emotion.
You want to give in to it like a little B*tch

And maybe you should!

Maybe you are right

Maybe the fight isn’t worth it
Maybe the inner work is too much
Maybe you weren’t cut out for any of this.
Maybe you were meant to just lay down and play dead here

But I doubt it.
Or more likely you just need to step TF in!
Maybe you have this amazing power and so you just face amazing difficulties to show you this power
Maybe you have so much light that you can’t help but attract the dark
Maybe you have so much f*cking potential to soar that you are just living in fear of the fall
Maybe you can have it if you only decide

Yes, it’s cozy and warm wallowing in your tears. Your ego. Your excuses
But cozy ain’t getting you anywhere baby!
Yes, it’s comfortable getting caught in the pettiness of all the massive sh*t around you
But it’s simply bringing your beautiful vibration down
Yes, its easier to throw in the towel
But it means going against what you know in your heart and soul needs to happen

Not telling you it’s easy
Not telling you your wrong
Not even shaming you for the ego, the emotion, the physical complications

What I am saying is that you are choosing right here, right now, what your life is going to become.
What I am saying is that you could skyrocket or you could sink.
And all it takes is making a couple of decisions.
Right here. Right now. To not give in to the bulsh*it.

Lean into your power baby
Lean into your amazing light Spirit Warriors.
It’s within your grasp!
Light & Love,

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