I have more intimacy with your husband than you do!
Or even with your wife.
Let me back up a second.
Recently I’ve had several conversations where I’ve ended up talking about the deep intimacy I have with my clients. About how despite having boundaries with my clients I have a deep love and unique connection with everyone I choose to take into a 1:1 coaching relationship.
When you choose soul aligned clients then you choose people that you vibe with and thus begin to care deeply.

So while I was having a conversation with my lover the other day I found myself sharing that, in many instances, I have more intimacy with my clients then they’ve ever experienced anywhere else…
Including their current relationship.
I go deep with my clients and there is nothing that is off the table from discussing in sessions.
Their fears…
Their hopes…
Their desires…
Their sexual turn-on towards me…
Their sexual turn-op towards another..
Their shadow…
And everything else in-between.
💜I’ve sat on the floor with clients as I’ve held them like babies and they’ve cried their eyes out.
💜I’ve had clients screaming in wrath while starring straight in my eyes and being witnessed in their anger.
💜I’ve shared deep moments of eye gazing where I’ve been blessed with their energies and past lives and opened up to allow them into that same space with me.
💜I’ve seen my clients naked and several of them have seen the same from me.
I have deep intimacy and connection with my clients simply because I offer space for them to see themselves and to get truly loved.
Love in a way they’ve never experienced.
Because sometimes that love feels motherly, sisterly, romantic, and sometimes harsh. I love them in their darkness and in their light. And I love my clients enough to also set them free when it’s no longer aligned to be in relationship.
But just because they are “clients” does not mean there is not true intimacy.
In truth I believe I often get more honest and open intimacy from my clients then they sometimes get with their significant others because they can let loose and just BE… and sometimes discover who they are.
And I do share myself with each of my clients as well… it is a joint intimacy.
But also while I push them to learn to find that connection within themselves… see it’s possible… and take it back to expand current relationships.
What most people don’t understand is that just by doing the work I do I can never be fully monogamous.
The average monogamous relationship sets “intimacy” aside for one relationship…
And I never set intimacy aside for another particular relationship.
All relationships have intimacy if they are meaningful.
Now in each of my relationships, including my romantic relationships, there are certain intimacies that remain special to that relationship.
But intimacy is an emotional component.
Not necessarily a sexual component.
There are many couples that come into my office and are fine with their other half having sex but not with having the intimacy.
But you can’t control someone’s intimacy
And you cut off vital connections when you shut these energy flows off in any relationship.
We are relational beings.
So I’m not monogamous because other-wise I would be having emotional affairs with each and every one of my clients as they pour their hearts out.
But what does this have to do with you?
Well, I find it sad that I look around at so many relationships right now and see a lack of depth and intimacy.
And most of the time it’s because we let the ego based realities get in the way of our true unconditional love. We stop trying and stop growing.
And lack of growth on either side eventually will lead to a lack of intimacy and connection in a relationship.
We stop wanting to truly see our partners and wanting to dig into their depths. We stop digging into our own depths. We get stuck in average and ordinary.
We stop accepting them and try to change them into the versions we desire. We tell them we want them to grow and yet take away their nutrients.
All it takes is doing a check-in with yourself and your partner and a little bit of effort and deeper intimacy can form in any relationship.
But you must first and foremost have intimacy with self in order to have true intimacy with another.
Go find yourself and then take yourself to an open and honest place within your relationship… and that my dear followers is where true intimacy resides.
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