I hope one day you truly hear it.

Hear the words of love that are poured over you and allow them into your heart.
That you choose to break open that sheet of armour that you’ve fit comfortably over your beautiful heart and allow the world to see it shine.

Letting go of all the darkness that blinds you from seeing yourself as you truly are and cut the cords of the moments that have left you wounded.


Using those wounds instead to be the places where the light bursts out of and those that become your strength instead of your downfall.

I hope one day you look within and see the light without the need of others to placate you and boost you up. That the words of love, encouragement, and affirmation are simply the overflow to the beauty you already see within self.

Where you already see it… know it… and therefore allow others love to penetrate that barrier around your heart. Giving them the gift of getting to love and be received in their sharing of their hearts.


Not seeing the love you receive as a manipulation or a means of commerce but instead as a sharing from the heart of our true selves.

I hope one day you get back to being you….
A free flowing, passion embracing, lover of life.
Seeing the world with childlike eyes and enthusiasm for the next step. Not faking your love towards others but fully embraced in it.


I can hope and others can continue to share their love. God can rain down blessings each and every day upon you.
But at the end of the day you won’t ever feel it if you don’t decide.

Decide to let down your armour and let it in, instead of it simply bouncing right off and never making an impact.

Decide to stop focusing on all your perceived flaws and instead see all your light. See how God does not make unworthy things and so revel in your ultimate worthiness.

Decide to feed yourself the energy that you need to shine.

You can’t spread love, and feel loved if you haven’t tune into the unconditional love within your spirit first.

No one can take down your walls for you…
You my dear are the only one that can choose that.

And for what it’s worth…

I hope you choose that….

Because your light is beautiful and so needed in this world!

Recover your Light!

~Recover Your LIFE~

Love, Light, & Blessings,

You know deep down there is a fire within you waiting to be awakened.

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Maybe you have hidden this desire deep within and push it aside with religious doctrine or the messages you received growing up.

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Ravenous for LIFE.

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