Thank you for my story!
After some business calls today, I sat enjoying nature and breathing in LIFE.
The entirety of the beautiful, crazy, exciting, and sometimes scary pieces that make up life.
While I was pondering this crazy little thing called life, I sat thinking about my story. It’s often that I can minimize and forget how very powerful my life and the stories wrapped within my life have been.
I think it’s pretty natural that once we haver climbed a particular mountain, it just don’t seem so big anymore. While we might stop and think about that time we rarely give ourselves the true credit for the strength and inner fire that it took to get through.
While others might wonder how we could overcome such a time or they disregard it since it is not their experience. We often get placed on a pedestal or dismissed by our fellow man.

I often overlook the dedication and true desire to live a full life that it took, for me to overcome a very severe eating disorder… and then go on to work with people in that same field for years.
I don’t stop and give credit to myself to see the inner strength to push through the repercussions of sexual abuse and choose to live an embodied life. I often see it as simply something I ‘had’ to do and that was a requirement of my soul.
I forget that fear that it took to leave everything and anything I ever knew as far as home, family, occupation, and many friendships behind in order to commit fully to my soul pull of becoming a sex coach and tantric practitioner.
I sometimes forget these and so many other stories that make up my big beautiful story.
The story that has me living the orgasmic life more and more each and every day. The story that reminds me of that power deep down in my bones.
And yet when clients or you my followers share your…
Child-like Enthusiasm
Many don’t truly know that I can vividly tap into those spaces and times within myself. Many look and see where I am… not realizing that I too was in the shoes of stepping into my confidence, my sex, my power, and my spirit…
And actually still am each and every day.
Because we each have been on a beautiful journey in our lives but we always have new spaces and places to explore.
Now if we are always pumping up our ‘war wounds’ then thats being stuck in the past but there is an element of our past stories that we can use to remind us that we have a great inner strength and passion that still resides within. The ‘person’ in that story is still within you today.
So as I sit here contemplating life and some potentially scary new lands that I am exploring in my own journey…
I am encouraged that I can look back at all the mountains I’ve successfully climbed and all the beauty that I’ve been blessed to have experienced.
My question to you today is…
Where are you diminishing your own power and the beautiful mountains that you have climbed. That younger self is still within you… and willing to fight for your growth.
For that fire within.
You just have to let yourself listen to that younger self that pushed through the hard times.
And if it’s new and scary territory and that’s not enough…
Trust that others have walked similar mountains and so you aren’t alone. You are brave enough. You are powerful enough. You are magnetic and worthy of it all.
You just have to tap into those power stories that I know are within. Give yourself credit here and now for the life you’ve lived and the stories you’ve lived to tell.
And take a breath of life today!
And remember to..
🔥🔥Grab the Fire Within! 🔥🔥
Step-into who you were meant to be TODAY.
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*Thank you to DandelionImages for this beautiful photo that captures my essence 💜