💋 I love the ‘hard conversations’. 💋
The one’s where two HEARTS come together and share their truth, their needs, and desires.
💥Not from a space of blaming or shaming but instead from a space of open-heartedness. Of wanting what is best for self and also for the other person.
😔It’s often I think we get in a US vs. THEM mentality of competition when it comes to relationships.
At times things can’t be overcome in a relationship, but often we shut off the chance by not stepping out of our egos long enough to truly see/hear the other person.
I love the hard but heart-centered conversations because, while we might not like what the other person is saying, we know it is coming from a space of love and truth. 🥰
We are all dynamic and complicated humans that are simply crashing into each other’s wounding, ego, and hearts.
Communication and a true willingness to listen and try to understand another is the only way we can authentically connect.
😭Today, I had a hard conversation! 😭
And I applaud not only myself but the other person because these types of real, hard, and yet loving conversations are hard to come by in a very fake world.
A world where we would rather throw a relationship away instead of doing the hard work.
💥When we try to feel another human’s intent
💥When we try to hear beyond their words
💥When we get out of listening from the ego
💥When we give up trying to ‘win’
We will finally meet the deeper aspects of another and their truth. And that truth is beautiful… even if it’s not comfortable!
🥰I love the ‘hard conversations’ that are from the place of two hearts really connecting and sharing because they are REAL. 🔥
What are the conversation you are avoiding?
And are you having your conversations from a space of trying to ‘win’ and get what you want or from a space of heart?
If you are needing help with those harder conversations, your communication skills, and just wanting to shine your light in a deeper way then reach out!