You are so amazing.

You have taught me so much!

You have been a blessing to my life.

I have such love for you and your beautiful soul.

And so I’m letting you go.

I’m letting you go in love.

I’m holding onto the beautiful memories and moments

And forever I will carry the lessons you’ve given me in my heart.

But I’m still letting you go.

I’m letting you go so you can find something more aligned to your greater purpose and a place where you can fall fully head over heels in love.

I’m letting you go so I can also find that soul mate energy and dive deeper into myself.

I desire to let you go by lifting you higher because you deserve so much in your life.

And unlike so many try to do in a breaking off point in relationships…

I have no desire to tear you down

Hold you back

Concoct something you’ve done wrong

Or create chaos between us.

I have great love for you and breaking you down in order to make this easier isn’t love.

That’s the fools way out.

That’s the way of the ego.

Our learning and alignment as a romantic couple has simply come to an end.

So,  I’m letting you go and hope that we both leave this relationship better than when we entered it.

I’m letting you go in love!


The above is very personal sentiments to the man that is no longer my man.

And I share this with you because it is my true feelings in this relationship and in many of my relationships when they have come to an end.

Though frequently as a coach I watch as people purposely blow up their relationships and tear down the other party.

They start to point fingers and blame the other person

They start to concoct stories within their minds and they start to do the most unloving things to the person they claimed to have loved.

Also, instead of going internal and realizing something is no longer aligned, I watch as people will create and manipulate situations until the other person blows up.

What this is, is a way to not sit in the discomfort of the conversation and the discomfort in letting something go. It’s much easier to leave a situation when you are angry and hostility is flying instead of when you are in your heart-center.

But as the above shows…

It’s possible to leave a relationship in love and lifting the other person up instead of tearing them down. We all have faults but throwing these at each other amidst an energy of change that an end of a relationship brings is not the time.

You can share your feelings and reasons but this is different from choosing to do immature things like ruin pieces of the others life or even cut them down as a human.

If you loved someone… then you would never want this.

And if you truly want this then you never truly loved that person. You simply were play acting your love.

If you, like me, are in this transition in any of your relationships, then I ask you to look at how you can do it in a way that lifts you both higher and leaves you in a better place.

It still might be difficult but it’s at least soul led!

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