You know in your bones that this isn’t working for your spirit.
You continue to stay in the comfort of it though because its just that… comfortable!

You don’t have to deal with the “stress” of pushing forward, having the hard conversation, being alone, or truly looking within.

Yet, all the signs and messages are right there in front of your face. You can acknowledge it but you can’t leap.

Your body is screaming at you… Your emotions are screaming at you…. and your world falling apart before your eyes….. definite wake up calls.

You are continuing this day to day charade because it is easier than stepping into the potential of your abundance. Its much easier than also looking within to see where you are filling and soothing yourself with falsities. Yet it’s moving you away from your authenticity.

Stringing relationships along..Stringing your job along…Stringing your dreams along…

You say you want that mind-blowing relationship but you continue to pick women/men that you don’t really have to step in and open your heart. Or you continue on in that marriage/relationship that truthfully has been over for a long time.

You are claiming to want that financial windfall that is just at your fingertips but you refuse to let go of the negative energies/mindset holding you back

You share about your dreams of truly feeling good and loving life but yet every time someone offers you love, joy, and positivity you throw it to the side.

No instead you stay in the comfort zone of the relationships that aren’t really making you happy

You stay in the negative energies because they keep you company and give you a victims excuse

You stay closed off and safe in all the places where you have a “get out of jail free card” on not verbalizing, not taking a lap of faith, or following your dreams.

I mean it feels good to settle right?
Warm and cozy!!It’s better than being alone. It’s better than having to deal.
I mean, why stir drama?S/HE is good enough… I mean they make me happy some of the time…I’ll just hang in right now until its a better time to start that project…It’s a silly idea anyways!

Excuses, excuses, excuses!

We all have them! We all fall into them.
But the key difference is if you are recognizing your own BS excuses and where you are continuing to stay comfortable.

Giving yourself excuses about how your can’t handle it right now or how you’re saving someone else by not leaping forward.

The excuses and the comfort zone isn’t the problem. Like I said we all have excuses and our comfort zones occasionally can be a nice place to land.
But HONEY… you’re living in yours.

And it’s killing you! It’s killing your dreams, your goals, your light, and your soul!

The key is to recognize it and then move forward. That fear inside you is false! It’s your mind making things up that will most likely never come to pass. And even if it does come to pass then is the cost worth spending your life living this charade?

You are staying comfortable and only moving forward when you can see the entire next step and have everything planned out! That’s not faith.Faith is listening to your spirit and following that core within you. It’s knowing when something is no longer working for you and either altering it to make it work or getting rid of it.

But YOU, I, WE…… ALL deserve better than to live from a place of settling.
We owe ourselves relationships that expand our hearts and fill our souls to that next levelCareer/jobs (where we will spend most of our lives) that we enjoy and have excitement to jump into each day.Seeing the dreams that come directly from our souls manifest before our eyes because we had the faith to see them through.

Notice your excuses, your comfort zones, and where you are settling because the truth is that you weren’t born to settle!You were born to truly live!

Sending you all LOVE!
Addison B