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Dear Lovers,

I want a life of adventure! Let me explain…

I spent the first part of my life living a boring and mundane existence where I followed the rules and did all that I was asked and told to do. I grew up thinking that what others thought of me was more important than what I thought of myself, and so I gave myself away again and again to the needs of others. I never learned how to play or color outside the lines of my mundane life, and the worst part is that I didn’t even see the joy I was missing. I found myself an adult having never truly experienced life, love, adventure, thrill, or excitement outside of books and my imagination.

Then the Universe lent me a helping hand. I met a beautiful soul that turned my world upside down in all the right ways. This other person was living, truly living, and I wanted what I saw. I wanted to live unapologetically, to love like crazy, to be messy, to be filled with such joy that my skin radiated, and to be insanely passionate about not just sex, but life. So, I sucked up the fear and jumped in with both feet and found my voice. Fortunately my growth game is strong and I learn fast. Now I stand here awake and there is no going back. I can’t forget what I’ve seen, what I’ve done, and the desires that have been revived in my soul.

Now I crave more in my life, and with that I crave lovers that can rise to the challenge. I have no patience for patience. I want to taste life and I want to do it NOW. There are new things that I am discovering every day, but I want you to walk beside me and take me to new levels of rapture not just in our sexing, but in all areas of our lives.

Show me ADVENTURES! And show them to me in every form imaginable. I want trips to foreign countries as much as I want nighttime drives filled with conversations. I want 5-star restaurants and I want picnics in the park. I want romantic dates to the ballet while also wanting simple moments of cuddling on the couch. I want hours of crazy boundary-pushing sex and I want what feels like an eternity of slow, passionate, connected moments. I want it all!

Yes, there are adventures that require time, planning, and additional growth before they should ever come to pass. That being said, I need to be moving forward and I need you to jump on board. Please don’t make me beg or have to be the one that always invests in the idea. Surprise me, because I’m your goddess and I’m worth it. Show me that I matter enough for you to think outside the box; show me that you think I am worth it. Help me shine with that luminous energy of joy and excitement.

The more I dig into my divinity, the more you will find yourself being honored for your godlike nature. Show me a few adventures and I will show you the world like you’ve never experienced it. However, without me walking in my own radiance, I am useless to help you truly stand in your own. I will find adventures one way or the other, but the question of whether you will be standing by my side remains. Will you make me step into masculine and take charge of everything, or are you going to man up and take the lead? Will you take advantage of the opportunity to not only help me grow, but also to help yourself grow?

Yet regardless of your decision I am on a journey, a journey of a wild woman who has found her voice. I understand comfortable and so, if that is your choice then I do not judge you, but also don’t be surprised if one day you can’t find me. I have too much exploring and my soul still has much growth and healing it needs to do in my remaining years to stay still.

I want more. I want adventure. And I still want you!


***This article/letter is directed at all men. I hear daily women who just want to discover more of themselves and want their partners to walk with them on this journey. Adventure dates can add so much to a relationship and don’t have to be ostentatious… a simple sexy picnic in the park can be just as adventurous as a trip to Italy. We need to live while we have the chance because otherwise we are simply dying. Men & Women both need beautiful adventure and there is something special that happens when its done together. A special energy that is created when two souls adventure together. ***

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