As I roll out of bed and begin to pull my clothes on for the day I wonder…
“Am I going to choose to stay naked today?”
“Am I going to cover, contain, and hide?”
“Am I going to be truly authentically naked or am I going to be the great pretender?”

My heart desires for me to be naked in every way today. My heart desires for someone to come along and strip me down heart, body, and soul and hold my naked untainted soul in their hands. To ravish, cherish, and love on all the different aspects of me.
I want God to hold my naked untainted soul in his hands and feel seen… if just for today.
I desire to see my own nakedness.
I could walk around all day long unclothed and never truly be naked. Yes, you could see my flesh but that doesn’t even tell a .1% of the story. That does not show my true beauty, my deep heart, my struggles, my triumphs, and most of all my soul essence. You might see a naked body but you would never see me.
No, I am always working to strip myself to a deeper level. To see more of myself. To dig into areas and parts of myself that have yet to be explored. This is also what I look for in the people around me. The ability to see me and desire to see me at a deeper level.
People that are willing to see my nakedness and not flinch. People that are willing to show me their nakedness and stand firm in the fear. Because being naked can be both a magnificent and terrifying experience.
Being naked in every way requires that you make friends with your vulnerability. Friends with your shadow. And sometimes even scarier to make friends with your light.
Each morning and throughout our days we get to choose where we cover ourselves. Where we hide. And where we reveal. Not everyone has earned our nakedness!
Though I ask you today to think about if you are being naked with self.
And are you being naked with God?
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