I want to hold your hand!
Actually most of the time I want people to leave my hands alone.
I am not the girlfriend that wants my hand constantly held for hours at events and although I revel in good physical connection I also can have strong personal space boundaries.
Though the other day I was getting a massage after some strenuous work for my body. It was painful but pleasurable as they worked through some soreness and tightness.

As they slid over and worked on my hands though… I wanted to cry with the emotions that overtook me.
It was a cascade of different emotions and a desire for connection. Also at the same time to continue to feel the massive amounts of energy that was radiating from my palms.
And in that moment… all I wanted was to have my hand held.
But more than that to have my emotions held in that moment. To feel fully held!
I frequently will feel into stored energy in my body and moments of emotion when doing any energywork. I do healing work and so it is never a surprise when my hands feel like I am holding mini fires in my palms.
Though the amount of emotion took me by surprise.
And the desire for such a straight forward intimacy in that moment took my breath away.
It is often that we focus so much on our sex/genitals and the pleasure that this provides. Focusing in on the big FEEL GOOD but forgetting the little moments. Forgetting that sometimes simply…
Having our hand held
Getting a hug
Eye gazing
Receiving a quiet moment with someone special
Or any other little connective moment
It can provide us a massive amount of connection with self and other.
I love good deep connective sexing!!!
I adore to be ravished by my partner and have them massage and touch every part of me.
Though the reason I love that is because usually it is a conscious and connective touch.
But it is just as powerful to have moments of non-sexual touch where you feel held and seen.
Moments where you can release emotions.
Moments where you can simply feel more into YOU!
And more into those around you.
So sometimes….
I want you to hold my hand 🙂
Love, Light, & Blessings,
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