I want to know you. I want to TRULY know you. I want to see all the little intricacies within and how your bundle of memories, inspirations, and dreams have been woven together. I don’t want to just hear the stories… I want to feel the stories and see them in my mind. What makes you tick, where did you get that wound, that fear, that radiant light, that funny little thing you do? 

I desire to know you.

The beautiful radiant concoction that is you at your core…

Where you have been, where are you right now, and where you are going. I want to hear it all. 
Simply just to know you. Nothing more and nothing less. To witness the beauty that is you. 

Just because you deserve to be known. God created a masterpiece and God IS that same masterpiece. I wish to see God and so thus I wish to know you. 

In your beauty.
In your shadow.
In those moments where you cry alone
In those times where you curse God and lose faith
In those moments where you are ready to break
In those moments where you are riding high and pulling in all your dreams

My soul wishes to know you. 

This might sound like a romantic notion. A notion thrown around here and there by lovers and by those trying to win someone over but in truth it is simply one soul wanting to feel another souls experiences in honoring. Which has nothing to do with romance. It has everything to do with learning ourselves and learning others. 

Though it is simply impossible. To know someone so completely in this very real human existence.

We all long to be seen so completely. 
We often long to see others so completely. 
Yet we must love the pieces we are gifted and the beauty we are blessed to see. To take it in and savor it. To not waste and push it aside but instead to soak it all in. Soak that other person in and feel/see/experience them at every level. 

Though in our humanness instead of opening to someone so completely, we try to control, grasp, and tamp down in an effort to know the other person. We see the beauty but just like when we want to hold onto the beauty in a flower and pick it… we try to hold the other and instead lose the person. Whether if that is in physical reality, the other closing down, or simply conforming. We will lose that other person. We encroach, we take what is not freely given, and we take the butterfly that is that others soul and try to pin it down. 

It will not be pinned down!

Instead we must open and allow the sharing of self. The crumbs of experiences and knowings we are gifted from that other soul. We must revel in the here and now moments and simply open. Open to knowing them greater at a soul level and tuning into the energies. The beautiful energy that is shared, 

Why? Where does this little note come from? What inspires such thoughts?

There was a few moments this week where I found myself truly wanting to know another. In one instance a person was sharing with me funny little moments about a person close to me prior to us knowing each other. I had a moment of useless wishing… wishing to had known that person at that time because the stories simply brought a smile to my face. But sad also because I would never truly know this aspect of this person because this person is no longer that person! 

I listened to a lover share with me his hurts and I had another useless wishing to have been there to have been a salve to these wounds. To have helped him feel desired, loved, seen, and experienced

And then the biggest reason and place this came from. I have had several moments as of late where I will be speaking to someone and wish they had known me at a certain time, mental space, or energy. Desiring to truly be known. Desiring to be seen, known, and accepted by these individuals at a much deeper level. To the soul level.

Where someone truly desires, and holds space, for the full unfiltered, and entirety of another. Not simply in words but in true desire. 

To have one’s soul open and shining bright for another loving soul to see sounds divine. 

And I often will crave to know people at a deeper level and see what’s beyond the exterior presentation. However, like everyone, ego gets in the way. So, I continue to practice presence and allowing the beautiful gifts of sharing to come to me in divine moments and hope to be deserving to continue to hold space for these moments. To learn a bit more about my clients, my friends, my family, and loved ones. To hold firm and strong with ALL their aspects, that despite being beautiful because it is part of them potential stirs an internal triggering, yet to love this as a yet one more beautiful gift of knowing. 

This article is because I believe we all have a desire to know and be known! 

Love, Light, & Blessings,