I won’t ask….
I won’t ask for you to hold space as I pour out my heart and get naked right before you.
You have no responsibility to my heart and nakedness
I won’t ask for you to look beyond my tears, my anger, and even my smile and see what is happening just below the surface.
You have no responsibility to see me
I won’t ask you for you to reach out just to connect, to invite me to do things, or want to build this thing we have and find new depths.
You have no responsibility to depth

I won’t ask you to see the good in me and all the beauty that I share with you and create in this world or even to share your acknowledgment of me.
You have no responsibility to focus on the positives
I won’t ask you to be present with the energy between us and flame the fires of what is magical
You have no responsibility to desire and presence
I won’t ask you to find a state of pleasure or to inquire about the things happening with me in any way.
You have no responsibility to be interested
I won’t ask you to look at where your part is or make an apology to where I feel you were wrong. I won’t even ask you to listen to a different perspective.
You have no responsibility to deal with ego
I won’t ask for breathing room or understanding of growth and compassion for that process
You have no responsibility to expansion
I won’t ask for you to take playful adventures or to travel the world with me and to soak in all the experiences together.
You have no responsibility to adventures
I won’t ask anything of you…
Because if I continually have to ask…
It isn’t real in the first place.
And I love myself enough to know that I was made for realness and depth.
And you were too!
And though no one in our life can always read our minds and there are times when we must ask for our desire.
This should not always be the case. Our loved one’s should be able to FEEL us and make efforts to reach out and connect.
If you have to beg..
If you have to constantly ask…
If you are the one doing the work…
Then there is something missing.
We were born out of desire and we need this desire in our relationships.
Without a sense of begging.
We were made for those that take interest in our growth and want to grow with us.
Those that don’t turn away at our tears.
Those that will sit with us in our belly laughter.
Those that equally hold our silliness and sadness.
Those that dance with our seductive nature and drown in our pleasure.
At the end of the day it’s about us desiring to be seen and known. To step into that deeper place of vulnerability with another and have that other desire that connection.
But so often we each lose our desire within… we shut it down or think it can only be found in this one thing or person. Thus we stop connecting and feeling into those around us that are opening and wanting to truly share energies. It’s not in the actions often… it’s in the energy.
It first starts with each of us.
Recognizing our own desire. Recognizing our own shut down.
Where are we potentially not opening up to being seen/loved
And then…
Seeing where you are trying to force a relationship and desire.
Seeing where you aren’t being loved up to your standards.
A constant need to beg is not LOVE in any relationship…
But especially our romantic relationships.
If they can’t get on board with the energy of sharing then leave them behind.
Not everything needs to be spoken.
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There is something so powerful and moving about allowing yourself to sit in all your nakedness and feel your power while you at the same time witnessing another in their nakedness.
Nakedness is first and foremost an inner game.
Until we are able and willing to love ourselves as we strip ourselves down to our core…
See our light and our dark
Recognize our wounds and holdbacks
Allow ourselves to own our own power
Until we do these things with self we can never be truly naked with another person. True nakedness comes from true vulnerability and authenticity.
My question to you today is if you are ready to join this rare few?
Thank you to DandelionImages for this beautiful photo!