If not now, then when?
When are you going to stand up
Stand in the bright light that is YOU
Choose to be seen
Call in your dreams
It’s NOW and only now.

There is no later
There is no someday
There is no maybe
This fear will always be there
If it was placed in your heart then it is meant for you but the more you wait and stew in your own fear… the more you push away the things truly meant for you.
Leaps of faith don’t get easier…
They are meant to rattle and shake us up
If they didn’t then we wouldn’t shake off all the things no longer meant for us.
We wouldn’t grow and expand…
And we wouldn’t feel that scary exhilaration.
That ecstasy of being held and carried in faith.
Yet you wait.
You push your dreams out…
Next week… Next month… next year…
Once the kids get older
Once finances get better
Once I feel motivated/inspired
Once I feel worthy
And you push out your purpose and your joy and all the things you truly desire for comfort. For safety. For a stable but unlived life.
Your head will ALWAYS be able to come up with reasons why something is not a good idea.
And sometimes… your head is right.
Not every thought that comes across our brains should be placed into action.
If you are feeling tugged or even strongly pushed towards something. If your heart is aching for that dream or goal.
That amazing sex
That powerful relationship
That vacation that takes your breathe away
That house that feels like home
That feeling of your business taking off
Even just those moments of laughter and joy
Then you have to run towards it!!!
You have to leap.
If not now then, when?
Why are you waiting.
Why are you stalling.
Why don’t you have faith.
You’ve made it 100% of the time up until this point. You are alive and breathing… You’re successful at life.
Now go LIVE your life.
Don’t waste that light and dream
Because some dreams won’t last forever
Sometimes God doesn’t give us multiple opportunities
Sometimes we either accept the mission or we don’t!
Stop faking your life…
Start Claiming it!
You want to be Zen
BUT you’re a little Crazy and so is your life!
You see the benefits of spiritual growth and inner work but you just don’t have time.
And you’re Crazy ego takes hold every time you try to get calm and collected.
I’ve got the program for you.
“Zen & Crazy AF: Bringing Calm and Alignment into A Crazy Busy World”
A three-day training that is easily digestable and will teach you how to use your crazy, love your crazy, and find your way to ZEN….
Without altering your entire life!